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My Home Page Man!


hey. im bryan a. c.(if you can guess my middle and last names ill give you a dollar.seriously) well, here we are,this is my very first website so it might not be much, but its still better than some other peoples websites. some people just have a sentence or two and "under construction" but you cant blame them.maybe they just dont have that much time or something.well, anyways you might have noticed that i dont use upper case letters or "CAPITALS" to some people.i dont use them as long as the sentence makes sense so dont bother whining about that to me. well now that i finally started on this project i guess i will continue it as long as i can.and when i can. im thinking this site will have all my opinions about life and everything in it. i will review anything that pops into my head and ill also take requests.ill review movies,CDs,books,shows,games,places,friends,and stuff that can be reviewd.whoa, thats a nice word,ill use it from now on "reviewd".oh and one more thing, i wont be swearin',cussin' or saying bad words because someone dosent like it. and i respect them so ive got to fly hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigher.(like that song.)