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1,000 Oceans – “Over Silbury Hill, through the solar field”
Alamo – “Alamo, heard all about your fandango”
Amber Waves – “Off to Cabo San Lucas for some optical stimulus”
Angels – “From Jordan to Chicago, another child is born”
Apollo’s Frock – “I’m going to Antarctica”
Apollo’s Frock – “Our old meeting place, in an L.A. café or on the Serengeti”
Bachelorette – “You’ll go to Paris on your own”
Baker, Baker – “I guess you heard he’s gone to L.A.”
Black-Dove (January) – “But I have to get to Texas”
Blood Roses – “The belle of New Orleans tried to show me once how to tango”
Bug A Martini – “Bug a martini, send me to Moscow”
China – “China, all the way to New York”
China – “Maybe you got lost in Mexico”
Cloud On My Tongue – “Leave me with your Borneo”
Dátura – “Dividing Canaan”
Don’t Make Me Come To Vegas – “Don’t make me come to Vegas”
Father Lucifer – “And, girl, I got a condo in Hoboken”
Glory Of The ’80s – “I took a taxi from L.A. to Venus in 1985”
Gold Dust – “You said, ‘You raced from Langley’”
Horses – “You showed me the meadow and Milkwood and Silkwood”
Hotel – “King Solomon’s Mines, Exit 75”
I Can’t See New York – “I can’t see New York, as I’m circling down”
i i e e e – “Need a lip gloss boost in your America”
In The Springtime Of His Voodoo – “Standin’ on a corner in Winslow, Arizona”
Jackie’s Strength – “Guess they did in Camelot”
Josephine – “Empty like the Tuileries”
Josephine – “Like a dream, Vienna seems only not to be of use – impossible”
Josephine – “The only sound, Moscow burning”
Juárez – “Dropped off the edge again down in Juárez”
Little Amsterdam – “Little Amsterdam, in a southern town”
Mary – “Las Vegas got a pinup girl”
Me And A Gun – “Do you know Carolina, where the biscuits are soft and sweet?”
Me And A Gun – “Like I haven’t seen Barbados”
Muhammad, My Friend – “We both know it was a girl back in Bethlehem”
Pandora’s Aquarium – “She’s in New York somewhere, checking her accounts”
Playboy Mommy – “From here to Birmingham, I got a few friends”
Pretty Good Year – “Well, let me tell you something about America”
Riot Poof – “Black Sahara, I’m stepping into your space oddity”
Riot Poof – “Through the Congo ’til there’s a broken bond”
Snow Cherries From France – “He promised me snow cherries from France”
A Sorta Fairytale – “Down New Mexico way”
A Sorta Fairytale – “On my way up north, up on the Ventura”
A Sorta Fairytale – “Things you said that day up on the 101”
Sweet Sangria – “Before sundown, the Mexicans leave San Antone”
Take To The Sky – “This house is like Russia”
Talula – “And, Jamaica, do you know what I have done?”
Tombigbee – “From Blue Ridge to cattail on the prairie”
Tombigbee – “Roll me a carpet from here to Oklahoma”
Twinkle – “She worked at an abbey in Iona”
Upside Down –“Cincinnati, I like the word”
Virginia – “In the lush Virginia hills”
Wednesday – “Lost in a place called America”

can’t go home, obviously