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Christian Holidays

St. Valentine's Day
Mardi Gras
Ash Wednesday
St. Patrick's Day
Palm Sunday
Good Friday
Ascension Day
All Saints Day


St. Valentine's Day - No one is really sure how this holiday became associated with love and lovers as most of us perceive it. It is actually a day dedicated to two martyrs both named Valentine. But it's nice to know that something so sad could bring so much happiness to so many lovers!
Mardi Gras or Fat Tuesday- Technically I wouldn't consider this a christian holiday but it is associated with Ash Wednesday. This is a day of celebration before the beginning of lent. This was the day to use up all the fats that couldn't be used during the fast of lent but has become a time to "stock up" on the sins you will repent during lent.
Ash Wednesday- This day marks the beginning of the forty days of lent. People of the Catholic faith are also marked on their forehead by the burnt ashes of last year's palms.
St. Patrick's Day- While this holiday is celebrated with a beer, parades and a button that says "kiss me I'm Irish" it is to honor the patron saint of Ireland St. Patrick.
Palm Sunday- Observed the Sunday before Easter. It is to commemorate when Jesus entered Jerusalem.
Good Friday- This is when Christians remember the crucifixion of Christ.
Easter- This holiday celebrates Christ rising from the dead. How the Easter Bunny got into it I don't think I'll ever figure out.
Ascension Day- Forty Days after the ressurection this is the day when Christ ascended into the heavens.
Pentecost- This day is when the Holy Spirit decended upon the apostles. Many Baptisms are performed on this day.
All Saints Day- A Roman Catholic holiday to honor all saints.




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