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Welcome to Paintings By Carol

My Poetry Page

 original poetry by Carol Ferrara
ATTENTION: All poetry on this site is
Copyright © Carol Ferrara 1999-2011 all rights reserved and may not be used,copied or reproduced in any form without the

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A Recurring Event


Slowly at first she creeps Ęcross the land

Exploring with long flowing fingers

Now breaking the bonds of banks that restrain

She flows with the joy of freedom again.


Leaping in joy with increasing crescendo

She tumbles and runs unrestrained

Romping and playing in celebration

Of all the space she has gained.


Acre after acre, overtaken, submerged

By this excited and jubilant torrent

Where once there was an island

Now only tops of the trees are apparent


A recurring event we are witnessing

Yet we all stand in awe once again

Humbled by the spectacle sheís enacting here

Mighty Susquehanna after snow melt and rain.


No longer can she contain herself

Spring brings her freedom once more

And she eagerly escapes her bonds and banks

Enveloping the valley floor.


Roads are drowned in her flowing sprawl

Houses and barns become islands

I sit and watch from above, safe and dry

Here in my home in The Highlands


Sheíll run fancy free for a day maybe two

Then gradually she will return

To flow once again within her banks

And the floodwaters will cease to churn.


An original poem by Carol Ferrara 03-2000
Copyright © 2000-2011 all rights reserved





the Man I Love

TWENTY FIVE YEARS                  

( written for my husband on our 25th wedding anniversary)                


Twenty five years has come and gone

Since the day we said ďI do.Ē

Twenty five years has come and gone

Since I was wedded to you.


Iím not the same girl that I was back then,

Youíre not the same boy I remember from when,

We were young and fresh and green as the trees,

Only beginning to make memories.


Weíve come a long way on this journey called life.

Weíve grown and weíve changed as husband and wife.

I am who I am BECAUSE Iíve known you,

And I hope that Iíve been of some worth to you too.


As I pause and reflect on the years we have shared,

Iím filled with a sense of worth.

Itís because of you and the LOVE we have shared,

Iíve found a HEAVEN on earth.


Whatís it mean to stay married to one for so long?

Whatís the secret; some will say:

What makes us different from others weíve known

Whoíve parted along the way?


I donít know the answer, Iím not really sure:

For marital problems thereís no magic cure.

Caring and sharing are words we all say;

But you and I practice them each year and each day.


We were once two but weíve grown to be one.

Though our love is ever changing.

The secret I think is the willingness;

To be forever re-arranging.


To be willing to grow, develop and change,

To be willing to give to each other;

That which gives value to someoneís life,

That which enriches the Other.


Because of you and the LOVE you have shown

I am a better ME.

Weíve shared 25 years, a daughter , two sons.

Itís a beautiful memory.






6-21-69  T0 6-21-94
As of June21, 2010, we have been married 41years.

Copyright © 2008-2011 Carol Ferrara/Ferrarafreelance
all rights reserved

  A birthday poem for my husband's father  

 For POP

A birthday is a special time

to pause and to recall

all of our accomplishments ,

the times that we stood tall.

Through all of lifeís adversities

weíve muddled day to day,

learning from and growing

as we struggle to find our way.

All at once we realize that

life is passing by


Father Time waits for no one

no matter how hard we try.

So donít put off till tomorrow

what you want or need to do

and fill each day completely

with things of

meaning and purpose to youí

And on this day that marks your birth

kick back, relax, donít wait

Enjoy yourself, indulge yourself

and really celebrate!

an original poem by Carol Ferrara

copyright © 1999-2011 Carol Ferrara/FerraraFreelance

all rights reserved


Look Not To The World          (for my children and grandchildren)


These are my grandkids (June2010)and I wrote this for them.

Look not to the world to fill you with love                                 

For that isnít where youíll discover

The One who will always be there for you

The One who is truly your Other


Look deep within, seek for your Self                                                                                                    

The part that I know now as Soul

Look deep within, discover your Self

Only then will you really feel whole.


Your Soul is a bit of that greater power

The love of God thatís within you

Guiding and leading and loving you

In all that you say in all that you do.


We are born to this world and our search then begins

As we search for some kind of reason

Why day follows night and night follows day

Unending throughout every season.


Spring leads to Summer and Summer to Fall

Fall leads to Winter then Spring starts it all

Over again in an unending cycle

Day after day for each Tom, Jane or Michael


Time marches on, time waits for no one

And one day youíll wonder I know

How life passed you by, how you aged and turned gray

What happens now and where do I go?


Weíre born and we live and one day we die

And those left behind can only ask why

And what does it mean that we lived and we died

What does it mean and did we really try?


We were put on this Earth to experience life

To live and to learn be we husband or wife

Our lesson is just to learn to give

All that we can for as long as we live.

Enriching the life of each soul that we meet

Not seeking but giving now thatís a real feat.


By giving it is that youíll find your reward

For love was not meant to withhold or to hoard.

Soul is an endless supply of love

Infinite, unending like the stars up above


So reach out to others and spread it around

The more love you share the more I have found

Returns back to you and then you will see

You have finally solved the mystery.


So fill your life my daughter and sons

With love and caring and cinnamon buns

What ever you do do not hesitate

To reach out to another to improve his fate.


And never let fears block the way

To a learning experience you may have some day

For thatís what life is at least I have found

Itís a classroom, a proving and training ground.


Weíre here to learn to love one and other

So learn your lesson well

And your Soul will return back to God one day

And not to the depths known as Hell.



 An earlier pic of my 8 grandbabies: Leo, Grace, Jaron, Alex holding Larina, Abby, Landon and Vincent (Christmas 07)

Copyright © 1999-2011 Paintings By Carol/Carol Ferrara/FerraraFreelance
all rights reserved


Love on the Bridge


I stand and wonder at this scene that I view

And Iím filled with love and a longing for you.

Itís a covered bridge with a blue, blue sky,

Full of fluffy white clouds that are drifting by.


Thereís a majestic pine in this snowy scene,

Itís standing tall and is ever-so-green.

I recall a day now a long time gone by,

When two lovers walked Ďneath the same kind of sky.


They strolled hand-in hand,

Were lost in their bliss,

And within the bridge,

Paused to steal a kiss.


I can still remember your warm embrace

And the look of love that shone from your face,

As we carved our initials and vowed our true love,

While melting snow dripped from leaking rafters above.


And the sound of the water over stone and ice,

Made a babbling tune that was really quite nice,

As we walked that bridge from shore to shore

And pledged our true love forever more.


Yet as fate would have it, we did part.

Now I can only hold you here in my heart.

But, if you should ever return my way,

I have only to stop and remember that day.


When you looked at me and I looked at you,

No words were needed our hearts they just knew

You made love to me on that bridge, Ďneath that sky

Then the time came we parted and I knew not why.


As I gaze at this scene that the artist has painted,

 My love for you has not been tainted

But because you no longer felt love for me,

I hurt and I cried and I then set you free.

 Copyright © 1999-2011 Carol Ferrara/Ferrarafreelance
all rights reserved


this poem was published 1999


Like Walden and his pond,

I find solitude on my quiet mountain side;

Overlooking the deceptively tranquil town,

Which blankets the valley below.


I feel a kinship with the river;

Now pregnant with the run off,

Of recent rains and melting snows,

Snaking  its way across the valley floor.


My senses vibrate with the contrast of the far horizon.

Pale blue sky meets snow capped peaks drenched in the glow of the rising sun;

 Spreading a golden wash from behind me,

Across the valley, to the hills of the horizon and beyond.


I have seen and felt the promise.

Each tiny bud on the branches outside my window

beginning as a whisper which

Will burst into the song of a new beginning.


Each drip of the melting icicle,

Clinging frantically to the warming eaves,

Punctuates in increasing tempo,

Her impending arrival.


She is both  seductive and elusive,

Teasing and tempting us with short bursts of pleasure,

Only to retreat again, and leave us longing.


Yet, each day brings Her  closer.

I feel Her warmness

Smell Her freshness and

 Joyously await the welcome of Her return to the mountain.


Copyright © 1998-2011 Carol Ferrara/FerraraFreelance

(written 3-24-1998)
all rights reserved


For Abby                                 

                I wrote this for my first newborn granddaughter, Abigail Elizabeth: 6-98

Iím a Grandma, now because of you.

Iíd waited such a while

But I knew the wait was worth it

The first time I saw you smile                                                                      


No. It was the first time that I held you

And gazed upon your face

Or was it when you were baptized,

All dressed in white and lace.


It really doesnít matter,

 For what Iím trying to say

Is that youíve changed my life, Dear Girl

And I love you more each day.


I knew that I would love you

But not how much I really do

From your cute little toes to your perfect nose

To your eyes of baby blue.



Your arrival in our family

Was quite a big ta-do

So many anxiously awaited

The chance to welcome you.


It seems like only yesterday

That you came to be with us

Just a tiny bundle from Heaven

Causing  a great big fuss.



Youíve filled our lives with specialness

Weíve watched you as you grew

1month, 2 months, 3 months

Now 6 months, can it be true!


Youíre crawling now they tell me

And you have a tooth, no, two

I only wish I was closer

And could spend more time with you.


But though thereís miles between us

And we live so far apart

Iím holding you and loving you

Right here within my heart.                                                   

ABBY Now  7-10 

 Copyright © 1998-2011 Carol Ferrara/FeraraFreelance  

all rights reserved


The Holidays


Ready or not here they come

With the blare a trumpet and beat of a drum

Carols of Christmas fill the air

Everyoneís showing how much they care.

Thereís a chill in the air

On this clear frosty night

And I just can not sleep

Try as I might

My headís full of visions

Of Christmas morn

And I think of a child

Who in a stable was born.

His mother named Mary gave birth to her Son

For the inns in that town had room for no one

The Child he was born Ę mongst the Cows and the hay

Lying in a manger on Christmas Day

She named him Jesus, Emmanuel

And wrapped Him in swaddling, Angels sang Noel

A star marked His birth, it showed the way

Hanging bright in the east

OĘer the place where He lay

The day of Christís birth we now celebrate

With parties and gifts and staying up late

We mustnít forget that He is the reason

We all gather round For our Holiday season

The shopping for gifts as the days pass on by

A visit from Santa and reindeer who fly

Friends and family, loved ones so dear

Come to our home and all gather here

Thereís plenty of food and the stocking are hung

We enjoy one another, some Carols are sung

The Christmas lights twinkle, Happy Holidays to all

As we rush off to dance at the Christmas Ball

Then before we know it, itís over and done

The gifts are unwrapped and the a New Yearís begun

The treeís taken down the tinselís away

The ornaments packed for the next Christmas day

May the spirit of Christmas, be with you all year

Reminding you that Christís love , forever is near

Pray for peace on Earth and goodwill to all men

Till we all come together at Christmas again.

An original poem by Carol Ferrara

Copyright © 1999-2011 Carol Ferrara/FerraraFreelance

all rights reserved



 © 1998-2011 Carol Ferrara/FerraraFreelance

 (written 3-24-1998)
all rights reserved

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