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My Life,My World!! <3
Life After The Break Up!!
Mood:  crushed out
Life sure sucks!! It's been a month and 5 days since Arzel broke up with me. I still think about her and i really miss her and i know i still love her but if she doesn't want me, it would be ok with me. Anyway, let's talk about some family stuff, my step sis got married last month in Ghana that was exciting and her husband is ok i guess watever. Now my half sis is also getting married next year that is cool and i can't wait to go to London to see her get married. Right now,most of my friends r not talking to me but i don't mind and my dad is starting to get on my damn nerves and i hope that by the time i start school we are both on good terms. But of course life must go on and as my mum says "This too shall pass."

Posted by cantina/evail at 1:03 AM CDT
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Mood:  not sure
I have a new web page. I like this page it's cool and it has a lot more templates and cool things to do than even xanga. To begin with,i want to make it clear that i'm bi and that i don't give a rat's ass wat anyone thinks of me.I have a girlfriend and she lives in California and i love her with all my heart.Her name's Arzel,sexy isn't it? Right now this guy wants to hook up with me but i don't know wat i want. I'm still thinking about it. I want adventure you see, something different,wild and crazy. This guys name's Miguel, he is 17 and he goes to ETHS and i heard he is fione as hell and i want to meet him soo bad.Twelve days more for the school year to be over for me yay.But i'm kinda sad cuz my bestfriend in the whole world is moving.Let me tell you a little about my bestfriend. Her name's Katlen M. Evette(we made up that name)Castillo.I've only known her for a semester but we've become so close that we are very inseparable.It's like we clicked right away.She is like a big sister to me and i love her very much.She is wild and crazy and doesn't care wat anyone thinks about her.She has made me open up very much this semester.She has opened my eyes to a lot of things and i'm grateful for that.She is loyal,caring and understanding.
I found this cool poem on my friend's xanga:
((Best Friends))
1. They don't judge you by the clothes you
wear,or the size of your house.
2. They love you no matter what.
3. They are a shoulder to cry on, or a
partner to laugh with.
4. They know every little thing about you
including every guy you like no matter
how little or how much.
5. They stand up for you when others don't
that's what you call a best friend.....
That's soo true and those are some of the reasons why i love her and will miss her soo much!!!!

Posted by cantina/evail at 8:36 PM CDT
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