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Elmarīs BOB DYLAN bootlegs & trading list

(last update 02/05/2004)

This is a place to trade Bob Dylan and other bootlegs. None of the bootlegs are for sale !
Iīm located in Austria, Europe. Iīm having very little time at the moment and so I canīt do any trades for the next few months. Iīll promise to answer all mails, though.


My Trading Policy

Just one thing: Iīm listening to each disc I trade to avoid flaws wherever possible. Iīd like to ask you to do the same. If you have a disc to offer that contains any flaws that are not known for this specific boot, please let me know. Iīll pick something else from your list.
Please use EAC to extract the audio to ensure maximum accuracy in copying. Checking discs and copying them accurately should avoid most problems and guarantee high quality sets. In the end thatīs what we all need to let the Dylan pool grow.