Welcome to Duke
's Place v5.01

Duke's Place was created by The Duke.  The Duke is awesome and is obviously better than you (at anything)

You have probably found this site through one of The Duke's Mixtapes (which are a visual and mind-blowing delight).  If you have watched them and then ended up here then The Duke thanks you.  Yes, YOU.  For the rest of you that are here but haven't watched The Duke's Mixtapes - check out the tabs above and get downloading!

Two Dogs Fighting is The Duke's personal music creation project that is always ongoing.  Enjoy it or don't.  The Duke doesn't care.

The Duke is also sharing Flickr pictures.  These are mostly taken on The Duke's iPhone 3G - shit cameras tend to give shit results.  Challenge accepted.

The Duke's Facebook is also here for your pleasure. Feel free to add TheDuke as a friend.

The Duke is also still keeping a link to the older versions of Duke's Place that still exist just for the fun of it - Duke's Place v4.0 and also V3 MS Explorer version and Netscape/Firefox version