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The Dils were actually from Carlsbad California but they played San Francisco a lot. They were one of the 1st political punk bands to come out of the Southern Californian scene. They were a great power trio! Many people called them the American Clash. If fact, a lot of punks from the old scene got upset when the Dils opened for The Clash during their 1st tour of the USA. The reason, is that the door price was to high. The Dils were criticized for that. The scene was in an uproar. Rumors flew up and down the coast. They became the band you loved to pick on, but didn't want to hate, but did. Well, the Dils did not need that shit. So about the time the "punk" scene sped up and found "politics" the Dils became the melodic Rank and File and found country via Texas.

The Dils were:

Chip Kinman - Guitar, Vocals

Tony Kinman - Bass, vocals

Endre Algover, John Silvers, Zippy the Pinhead - Drums

1977 -1980


Live 1978



Class War

I Hate the Rich

Gimme a Break