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DS2 2 was formed in Nottingham in january 2002. The objectif was to produce a original meltin pot from jazz, dance, rock and hip hop. Formed by different artist from different back ground (Simon Hutchby : drums, kaneyking : tunrtable, Sam Wood : samplers, Jo Guest : bass,Alex Newpot : guitar and Larance Francis : vocals).

ds2 2 played their first gig on march 13th at the rescue room nott. After this day, they started to get interest from different band manager, record compagny impressed by this new style and the quality of this new band. Signed up by drummond higgins (band manager) for Salob Managment with a debut single and a album deal, Ds2 2 was ready to explose.

After a short UKtour (glastonbury, essential festival bristol,notts, brighton...) and two gig in Europe (paris, francfurt), Ds2 2 would spend the sunny days writing and rehearsing in the confetti studios (notts).

With their debut single titled "Vineleaf Sessions" release for July the 10th, Ds2 2 have a lot to offer 1 song was recorded in 4 alternatives styles (check the demo); Rock,Funk,Hip hop and original version, Ds2 2 demonstrate their ability to prepare the best "menu" for you.

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