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Pippin Took/Billy Boyd
ACTOR: Billy Boyd
ROLE: Pippin Took
AGE: 35
BIRTHDAY: 08/28/68
BIRTH PLACE: Glasgow, Scotland
HAIR COLOR: Light Brown
FAMILY: William (father, deceased), Mary (mother, deceased)

The Return of the King(2003)
Master and Commander (2003)
Making the Movie: The Lord of the Rings [TV](2002)
The Two Towers (2002)
Still Game [TV] (2002)
The Saturday Show [TV] (2002)
National Geographic: Beyond the Movie - The Lord of the Rings [TV] (2001)
Richard and Judy [TV] (2001)
SM:TV Live [TV] (2001)
The Fellowship of the Ring (2001)
Quest for the Ring [TV](2001)
Julie and the Cadillacs (1999)
Urban Ghost Story (1998)
The Soldier's Leap (1998)