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I try so hard and got so far, in the end it doesn't even matter

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CottonCandy Ver 1


:. Grand Opening: May 20,02

RP: Angelic is a beautiful white female wolf with soft blue eyes. She is a fast runner and a good huntress. Angelic used to rule a pack with a black male wolf named Phantom, but he was killed by hunters, so she ran away to join a new pack. Angelic is kind and understanding. She will stick by her pack no matter the cost. Lunar is Angelic's female daughter. She is mostly white and grey, but has light brown on her face. Her eyes are blue. As a pup, she was very active, but she has matured a lot, and she is now a headstrong, and sometimes stubborn full grown wolf. Angelic also has a second child named Shadow. He is very curious, and loves to play. He isn't very mature either. He's good at pouncing. Demonaz is a young 16 year old girl. She is a very powerful immortal sorceress. She always wears a long, dark green velvet cloak that covers her entire body. She has fair skin, green eyes, and pink hair.Her pet Kaja is a beautiful winged Wolrin. She has soft fur and pink and purple spots. Demonaz befriends the wolves, and saves them eventualy.

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Grand Opening!!!!!

Grand Opening!!!


: Grand Opening!!

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