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Cotton Candy Ver 1

05.25.02 @10:17pm
Wearing: A white shirt that says 'geko hawaii, and some jeans.
Listenin to: Nothing
Wishin: I wish I had some Taco Bell.
Feeling: Im feeling content.


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:. Grand Opening: May 20,02


5.25.02 10:03am.

Sorry I didn't update yesterday I got banned from the computer yesterday.
Any way I promise I'll get the basic page up today. Since I didn't on the 23.

LATER (1:57am)

I've been doing some thinking, and I've decided that I'm going to make a new layout. I just don't like the colors anymore my joy in this site has deserted me so to bring that joy back I am going to make a new layout.
(For some reason Selena's on) (The Movie)

I fixed the message board page. Right now I'm going to fix up the basic's menu.
Bye for now. 5.22.02
I haven't done much for the website. I put a message board up it's not exactly it's kinda a tagboard, but it's alot better than the one on this page.
I also updated the front page which isn't the best page on the site, you can look at it HERE

(It's raining here)

LATER (7:43pm):
I'm happy as can be! I got the Kao page done.
Until later

LATER (12:03am):

I finished my Chatroom i have some breif instructions for it. I just have so many communication links. I wish I had a pickle that sounds good right about now, but Im not aloud to eat in the room :( that will all change soon.
I HATE THIS COMPUTER! It's so slow and the connections goes out almost every half hour!
It seems I'm just creating more stuff on my website, instead fixing all my links. I'm a bad person :(
I'm gonna do something not mean, but not the right thing to do I'm building my sister's site, (the one who knows nothing about webdesign even though she took a class on it) any way I'm going to put some of my links on it so i get a little more traffic, but really who's gonna go to her site.
Im gonna ask my sister (the intelligent one) to put my link on her page.

I'm going to fix the basic link page tommorrow, and I'm going to put my layout on my message board.

LATER (3:02am):

Well Im about to go to sleep it's 3'o clock in the morning. Im about to get off the computer so I won't get banned from the computer for like a month. Well I'm about to sleep my dad gets up in like an hour and a half.I've been sitting on this chair for so long that there's no feeling from the waist down.
Well I'm Outtie,

Busy working on the site.

The Grand Opening!!!!! Not really a Grand Opening, because most of the links don't work, but hopefully tommorrow I'll be done with the links.My time has been consumed by one of my sister's who's website sucks she keeps asking me "how do i get a background? How do I make my pictures smaller? Whats an HTML code?" So much annoying questions! My other sister on the other hand (the one worth looking up to) knows hella about HTML her website is
Madlion's Art.
Her new website takes sometime to load up so be patient please.

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Grand Opening!

Currenty none at the moment.


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