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Anne Mccaffrey is a Stupid Bitch

Anne McCaffrey wrote a crapload of books about dragons and magic. I tried to read a few. They all suck. Ok, that's all the unbiased background info you need to read the rest of this article.

Anne McCaffrey sues people for doing FUCKING FANART of her crappy books. Oh, and by the way, PERN is the stupidest fucking name for a made up place that has ever been uttered. I mean it, she actually SUES them. For MONEY! Despite the fact that the sites they are on CLEARLY label that the characters and worlds in the art do not belong to the artist, and despite the fact that the fanart actually exposes WAY MORE FUCKING PEOPLE TO HER BOOKS THAN HER CRAPPY WEBSITE.

Well, let's see you trace THIS FUCKING SITE, McCaffrey! I hope you read this, because I want you to know how much you truly do SUCK GRATUITOUS AMOUNTS OF ASS!

Anne McCaffrey should be tarred and feathered. If she lives in your town, egg her house for me.