**"**" 6 Pack Handmade Tube Soaps**

soap tubes

Rub soap tubes between your palms and surprise your hands with something fun translucent cylinders of glycerin soap that feel as good as they look! Soap Tubes are surprisingly long-lasting because of their shape; they don't collect water like regular bars do, and therefore don't erode and lose their shape. They are extremely moisturizing and are great for hands, face, and body. Our soaps are 100% vegetable-based glycerin, all-natural, biodegradable with no animal byproducts or animal testing. Cosmetic Mica (glitter added). They measure about 3-1/2" long and 1/2" in diameter. appox. 1oz each.



1. ~Sweetheart~ Color's Include Purple & Clear-FRAGRANCE *lavender and *vanilla.

2. ~Fruit Basket~Color's Include Yellow-Orange-Green-FRAGRANCE *bannana taffy and *tangerine and *lime.

3. ~Single Note~all one fragrance-*LAVENDER-purple, *VANILLA-clear, *STRAWBERRY-red, *YLANG YLANG-yellow, *LIME-green, *CINNAMON SPICE-red, *CINNAMON BUNS-orange, *SOUTHERN WOODS-brown, *PINE & *PEPPERMENT-blue.

These are soooooooooooo darling & they smell divine!

Makes a great gift! Would look beautiful wrapped in tulle and tied at each end with ribbon. Wrap with cello wrap and bows, or wrap with gift paper!

Fun for a party, fill grab bags, sleep over- tie together after wrapping and hang as decoration, snip off individual tubes as guests leave....Great fun!!

Let me know your choices at check out!

Photo is a illustration, you will receive a total of six tube soaps!

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