A fabulous blend of nature, mystery and desire, these soap rolls are elegant guest or hand soap, and a unique gift for anyone who appreciates the uncommon.

Natural exfoliators taken from plants, flowers, herbs and grains are combined with pure vegetable glycerin to create these beautiful fragrant soaps.

Simply slice off 'discs' of soap and place in soap dish, leaving the unused portion of the roll in a container as a fragrant decorative accent. Soap Rolls measures approximately 12" long.

YOUR CHOICE-"CHOOSE" ONE from below selections, Let me know your choice at check out!

*Heavenly Star Dust - Heavens VS (type) beautifully fragrant, heavenly scent with a touch of diamond dust glitter! (not shown)!

*Lavender & Honeysuckle Oil with Herbs - known as the "balancing oil". this wonderfully stimulating soap soothes the mind and body while the freshly ground Lavender herb is a natural exfoliator. Beautiful purple color tone!

*Cinnamon Oil & Honey Tea - with honey tea for natural exfoliation, this exotic oil creates a warm feeling. Cinnamon stimulates the circulatory system. Beautiful red color tone!

*Peppermint Oil & Herbs - stimulating and invigorating, peppermint oil helps clear the sinuses and the senses. Beautiful green color tone!

*Rose, Ylang Ylang & Rose Buds/Lavender Buds - the most feminine of blends, this wonderfully fragrant combination is calming and refreshing, with naturally exfoliating rose buds. Beautiful pink color tone!

*Sandalwood Oil - a rich and warm, woodsy fragrance, sandalwood oil is excellent for dry skin, and is used by some to treat stretchmarks and shave burns. Beautiful honey color tone!

~Aromatherapy Soap Roll Up's comes wrapped in clear, thick plastic wrap & raffia end ties!

Thank you for your visit & purchase! Made in USA.

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