We Understand that shopping on the internet can be difficult, especially for cosmetic products that you may have never used before.... I mean.. What happens if you don't like our products after you have brought them?

We feel that we have created a line of exceptional body care products that are far superior to those that you may find on the average store shelf. But having said this, we want you to be completely happy with your purchases from us and this is why we offer free samples.

How It Works

Receiving your free sample couldn't be easier...

Send a self addressed stamped envelope to: Geraldine Olejniczak, 73 Buffalo St. Hamburg, NY 14075 with the sample request written on a piece of paper inside of the envelope for each sample you would like to receive. We will insert the sample in your pre-paid return addressed envelopes and drop it in the mail.

Please Read the Faq's stated below Thoroughly for More Information or before contacting us regarding our free sample program...

Free Sample FAQS

What can I expect when my sample arrives? Our samples are sent - when sample materials become available - inside your self addressed stamped envelopes sealed in a mini Ziploc bag.

Perfume: The sample is perfume on perfumers blotter paper. Because of the high chances of leaking outside of a bottle we do not ship samples bottles of our perfume.

Message Butters: The sample is placed directly on the inside of the Ziploc bag. - cool in fridge if liquid upon arrival.

The Samples are a fair representation of our products although because of the very small amount you receive we have been told that our full size products are much better than our samples, as you can really treat yourselves to as much as you want from soap bar, or other full sized natural beauty care products we make.

Can you put more than one sample in an envelope? Each envelope can only contain a single sample because of weight restrictions while shipping with a first class stamp, but as importantly, we don't want fragrances co-mingling with each other.

What's The Catch? We appreciate your business, and if you like any of our samples please consider buying some of our full size products at our low prices.

What about my Privacy? Your Privacy is very important to us. Although We keep records of which shipping address has received which samples of what product, to keep our costs down and our Free Sample program alive. We will not distribute your personal information to anyone outside of law enforcement, and then only with a warrant. This is the best we can do. And since we are the Good Guys - Law Enforcement never comes knocking :o) We may send you notifications of new products in the mail about once every 6 -12 months but that is it. If you don't wish to receive these mailings write NO MAILINGS on your sample request slip when you include it in your self addressed stamped envelopes.

How long will it take for me to receive my free samples:

We will mail out your samples as soon as we possibly can. Usually we can ship samples within 48 hours of receiving your request, but if we run out of sample materials, or become super busy - this may delay us from sending your samples as quickly as we would like. Please allow two weeks before contacting us Regarding Free Samples. Please be aware that soap samples will be shipped as they become available in the order that requests were received.

To Make sure you receive your free samples PLEASE follow these steps:

Place a piece of paper with the name of the sample you wish to receive written on it for example: "Pheromone Perfume" into an unsealed stamped self addressed envelope. Place that envelope into a larger sealed envelope & Mail to:

Geraldine Olejniczak

73 Buffalo St.

Hamburg NY 14075

If have any other questions or concerns please feel free to contact us.

If you would like to offer your support by positive or negative feedback of these instructions or anything concerning our site or our products please feel free to contact us here We would love to hear from you!!

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