Pure Essence Perfume

0.35 oz / 10.5 ml roll-on bottle

BOTH GOOD AND PLEASANT-SMELLING. ALL NATURAL- Our fragrances are based on perfume techniques that are hundreds of years old.

Using pure essential oils and the finest perfumer’s absolutes sourced around the world!

Fragrances have a power over us; they are received in a primitive portion of the brain, and we respond to them viscerally. Scent can trigger memory and emotion. In the tradition of aromatherapy and the modern science of aromachology, our scent blends are created for both fragrance and feeling.

Bottled in a classy frosted glass bottle with a brushed aluminum cap and a convenient roll-on tip, Secrete Parfumerie all natural perfume is made of premium quality essential oils, jojoba oil and vitamin E.

Secrete Parfumerie is classified as natural perfume because of the high content of essential oils and only 10% (100% gain alcohol) in our formulation. These natural fragrances, however, are not over powering and will not be smelled from across the room.

While there are a many great smelling perfumes on the market today, artificial fragrance ingredients dominates today's personal care and perfume markets for simple reasons. WHY, they are less expensive because they are artificial & made with less expensive synthetic chemicals. Fragrances range from synthetic (man made) perfumes-perfume oils-designer (type) oil blends-cologne blends of 10% percent synthetic fragrance 90% alcohol (cough cough) almost none of them utlize natural ingredients!

Secrete Parfumerie Perfumes do not contain artificial fragrances or fixatives, petrochemical, therefore may not last as long as artificial fragrances. Each perfume is a little different and on the average will last four hours before the need re-apply.

Always *FRESH* smelling & compliments each persons individual natural pheromones. Apply liberally to pulse points and be ready for a fragrance that will last for hours as your body heat releases the natural essence.

We have intentionally positioned are perfume $16-20 retail price range. eBay Special Price of $9.99. Natural fragrant ingredients are significantly more expensive than their artificial counterparts used throughout the perfume & cosmetic industry. The high prices associated with most perfumes are used to promote nationally, and celebrity endorsements - neither which we have - not the fragrance!

Featuring: GREEN VANILLA-a sophisticated, all natural perfume blended from pure essential oils of Bergamote, Lavender, Sandalwood, Vanilla with nourishing Jojoba Oil & Vitamin E.- BOTTOM LINE: Oriental Foliage



Free Perfume Samples

Please choose below from the following Secrete Parfumerie Perfumes

Woodland Song, Desert Blossom, Eastern Harmony, Moroccan Heat, Tangerine Night, Green Vanilla, Powdered Rosey, Eau Of Lavender, Eaux De Cologne, Provencal Dawn, Soft Touch

Would you like to try our perfume?

Not sure what to order? Send me a self-addressed stamped envelope (a 37 cents stamp will do it) and I will be happy to send you up to 3 perfume samples free of charge to help you decide. Click on the "Ask Seller a Question" on the right hand side this page) for my mailing address and request FREE Perfume Samples!

Samples consist of Secrete Parfumerie Perfume on perfumers blotter paper.


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1 roll-on bottle - $1.50

2 bottles - $1.99

3 bottles - $2.50

Orders of 3+ bottles, please email me your zip code.


PayPal (direct transfers preferred), money order, personal checks accepted. If not paying by PayPal, please notify me of your method of payment since money orders do take a longer time to arrive. Payment must be received within 7 days of auction/buy end. Remember, FAST pay = FAST ship.

Returning Customers Coupon

Got your order? We care about what you think! Email us one paragraph describing your impressions of SECRETE PARFUMERIE products/fragrances and I'll email you a thank you coupon for $1 off $10 for your next order of SECRETE PARFUMERIE

Recent Email-" Hey the girl from the Texas here, well I bought the perfume "EAU OF LAVENDER" and I am all out I need more please... its my favorite and I feel weird not wearing, it!

It would help a lot, thank you!" Amanda Weaver- Sept 18 2004.



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