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Experience America's Southwest scenic and sacred landscapes: photos, images, information about Shaman and retreats in Sedona, Arizona, Canyon de Chelly; Native Americans, Hopis, Navajo; sacred sites, prehistoric cliff dwellings and rock art, rugged red canyons and cliffs, painted deserts; soul; journey; spiritual retreats;  earth-medicine retreats, vision quest, medicine wheel ceremony, becoming your own shaman-healer, personal pilgrimage, campfire programs, storytelling, mythology, legends; ancient; New Age, original and informative articles.



Disclaimer:  Shamanism as taught by the instructors of AZ Shaman is Core Shamanism.   

In other words, it is the essence of Shamanism and other healing techniques from indigenous peoples from around the globe without being attached to a specific belief system. This gives the practitioner a greater freedom to experience the spiritual world first hand as well as work within the belief system of the community which they serve. 

Mr. DeMartin in no way wishes to offend or dishonor his relatives or other indigenous people. Mr. DeMartin strives to differentiate between the techniques of Core Shamanism and the traditional healing ways of Native Healers. It is Mr. DeMartin's wish that one day statements like this will no longer be necessary and we all will work for the benefit of all beings.

Healings: Shamanic healing available by appointment: Extractions, Soul Retrievals, Power Retrievals, & connecting with Guides

Ceremonial & Ritual Services: Special Blessing or Cleansing Ceremonies are available for Home, Office, Automobile or Person. Mr. DeMartin himself is available for rite of passage rituals in addition to making special charms and bags for specific purposes.

Classes & Event Schedule: Journeying Groups, Drum Groups, Trance Dance, TBA

Shamanism Compact Discs: TBA


The Sonora Desert in the southwestern United States is a primordial force of crystalline rock and sun embedded with prayers from thousands of years
 of human presence. 
Arizona is a gateway to mythological lands of great natural power and beauty.

You may be feeling the journey into your heart to renew your sense of purpose & awaken ancient knowing.

AZ Shaman

In this day and age it is becoming more accepted that physical health can only be attained and maintained through achieving a balance and harmony between our body, mind and our spirit. Let us help you to experience this first hand through the art of Shamanism. Achieve healing, personal growth and spiritual development.     





Damon DeMartin

has been an empathic healer since childhood, taking on the health issues of those around him. At an early age he was introduced to working with the spiritual aspects of nature. 

Since then Mr. DeMartin has studied and practiced Core Shamanism, Native American Spirituality, Tibetan Buddhism receiving ordination and Afro-Caribbean Shamanism. Now he brings his years of experience and expertise to you.

Mr. DeMartin is a member of the Foundation for the Study of Shamanism.  

Mr. DeMartin has recently been available at Angel Boutique and Mystical Shop off of Camelback Road on 59th Avenue in Glendale, Arizona. For an appointment at this location please call CeCe at 623-931-0883

Mr. DeMartin has taught at Gentle Strength University in Tempe, Arizona and will be resuming with a weekly group there in the near future.


Any questions or comments should be emailed to: 

P.O. Box 63371 
Phoenix, AZ 85084

for quick info or an appointment