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Antarctica Austral Summer 2003-2004

Gregory McQuoid

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Weather Condition One. At this point no one knows who is who in the red parkas.(I didn't take this picture.)

The Piston Bully is one form of transportation here on the ice.(I didn't take this picture.)

McMurdo Dining Hall.

Another view.

The Clock.

Chapel of the Snows, after a recent snow storm.

At work at the Weather Station.

Dorm room.

I live in the third one from the left bldg 207. I took this from the roof of the Weather Station bldg 165.

(I didn't take this picture.) A Emperor Penguin out near Ice Runway a few days ago. You can see Castle Rock in the Background, often missioned in Scott's days of exploration.

(I didn't take this picture.)One of several 139th-ANG LC130s we daily brief weather to the crew for the South Pole and all over Antarctica .

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