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Antarctica Austral Summer 2003-2004

Gregory McQuoid

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Not long after I arrived here in late September 2003. Sunrise by Mt. Discovery.

A sundial works great here in the summer with the sun up all day. Notice the direction references at the bottom. We have Magnetic, True and Grid directions down here. When you hear "Look at that in the West" people tend to all look in several different directions. Polar Grid System. Description. Lines of longitude converge rapidly in the Antarctic region and True heading (direction) can vary substantially within a relatively short distance. To compensate for this problem, a Grid Overlay was established for polar navigation. Grid lines are referenced from the Greenwich meridian. Instead of curving to meet at the South Pole, meridians are parallel to one another and drawn equal in size. With latitudes remaining the same, the end result is a representation of a giant checkerboard over the Antarctic region. The geographic South Pole is actually grid northwest of McMurdo Station.

You don't see this on a GPS every day. My position at McMurdo Station.

McMurdo is on Hut Point Peninsula near the bottom left.

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