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Antarctica Austral Summer 2003-2004

Gregory McQuoid

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Weddell mother seal and new born pup. The Royal Society Mountains a portion of the Transantarcticmountain rangeare the back drop.

I went on at trip to Cape Evans on November 9th 2003. The purpose of the trip was to check out Scott's hut, about ten miles from McMurdo. We arrived and dicovered a Weddell seal pup had been born there earlier in the day,of course it's day all the time here since the sun never goes down at this time of year. You can see where she birthed the pup and moved away to a cleaner area. Probably to help avoid the Skua bird that landed near by to clean up. She was about 100 yards from Scott's Terra Nova Hut.

What a site near Scotts hut with Mount Erebus smoking in the back ground.

This little guy awoke and started yawning. He had been sleeping for hours. You can still see the umbilical cord in this photo.

Usually found on near they are usually found on fast ice, unlike the other Antarctic seal species which prefer the pack ice. There are estimated to be about 800,000 Weddell seals around the Antarctic continent.

Scott's Terra Nova Hut, Cape Evans.

Life inside the Terra Nova Hut. Bowers (standing on chair), Oates and Meares had the top bunks of what was known affectionately as "The Tenements" by the members of Scott's 1910 Terra Nova Expedition. Cherry-Garrard (wrote the book "The worst journey in the world: Antarctic, 1910-13", the one I am currently reading) and Dr. Atkinson were in the lower bunks. Bowers and Oates died on Scott's final Journey returning from the South Pole.

This is how it looks now.

An inscription in pencil on the wall next to one of
the bunks in the Scott Hut . This was written by
R.W. Richards of the Aurora Expedition and states
RW Richards
August 14, 1916
Losses to date
Shak (?)
Referring to the deaths of Haywood and Mack
(Mackintosh), lost on the ice, Rev. Smith, and the
unknown fate of Ernest Shackleton (Shak)

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