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Antarctica Austral Summer 2003-2004

Gregory McQuoid

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United States Antarctic Program hanger at Christchurch New Zealand.

Loading onto a Air Force C141 at Christchurch for the ride to Antarctica....

About a five hour flight. So far this year most flights have had to boomerang back to Christchurch New Zealand because of bad weather here at McMurdo.

At about 30 thousand ft. heading south on the C141....

Map of Antarctica and McMurdo

The rest of the world is just a dream now...

At the McMurdo sign.

A great place to work on the ice...

The building where the weather office is located. The two brown huts in front are the Coffee house and the two-lane bowling alley.

Scott's Discovery Hut. It looks like they just left and are coming back at any time. History is frozen in time here...

I live in the building just above the Discovery hut's left corner in this picture.

Here is a good link on Scott... Antarctic Explorers: Robert Falcon Scott

The way it looked back in 1904. The Terra Nova and Morning reach the ice-bound discovery.

A dead seal at Scott's Discovery Hut. Just as they left it I believe. Used for food and fuel.

Strang feeling to see it....Wow.

Went for a walk today over to Scott Base. MT. Erubus is the volcano right behind me. You can see it venting in this picture.

A very warm day about +10F.

A really big Antarctic Cod in the aquarium at McMurdo. They catch them for science and once that part is over they find themselves as lunch over in our dining hall.

This guy is about five feet long....

Just a picture of me infront of the NSF chalet, and beside the monument to Richard E. Byrd.

The Royal Society Mts. can be seen in the background.

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