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|R3FR35H - G-B00K|

|Some days I sit, starin out the window.. watchin this world pass me by Sometimes I think theres nothin to live for... I almost break down and cry...|

|MOVi3 5TAR|
|o1| Carol
|o2| 14 years of age
|o3| Chinbodian
|o4| still single

hides her emotions very well.. so dont think u know her..
insects and bugs are creepy
wanna learn how to skateboard!
not photogenic -_-
very dreamy lolz!
likes to laugh alot =)
likes ppl that makes her smile
too strong for love.. ;)
is mature yet immature
is very tired and tiring
punk rock rules =)
dont like them guys that try to pick up girls.. wat no-lifers -_-
hates wen ppl gasp at my age -_-

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|Even wen things are down.. juz gotta keep on smiling to escape reality...maybe tomorrow He will take u away fromall dis pain...|

|oh yea...and... 1111 hitter is... CINDY (MY SWEETHEART)!! there...are u happy now?! lolz|

Awww dis is my baby bro hes so CUTE! but his haircut`s off there HAHAHA

HHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA this is so funny! i wanna do that to someone!! heheh!

Look!!! My fan!! lol!


|PiC5 0F M3|

|PiC5 0F JAN3 AND M3|