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Absolute Ineptitudes

Cloud fanart; author unknown. Used without permission. (I'd give credit if I knew who made it).
You have successfully discovered the failed project that can only be described as Absolute Ineptitudes.

The thing is, I had originally wanted this webspace to host images to hotlink them onto my livejournal account. And for a while, it worked. And during that while, I worked on this site. Perhaps in time, it would've done quite a bit. But no such time came. Long before anything in this site was near completion, Angelfire cut all hotlinking abilities. So, its main purpose blown away, I simply stopped caring and ceased to bother with this page. In fact, I killed all the links between the pages, mostly because the materials inside are dated and incomplete. Hence the name of this website.

Enjoy admiring the failure of this website. And when you're done, head over to my lj to give me some company.