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3 Jan – Some Changes Ahead for the Tax Objection and Appeal Process of the Canada Revenue Agency

10 Jan – Canada Revenue Agency fails to stop employees from snooping on YOU!

17 Jan – Canadians face some tax changes in the new year after a busy 2016

24 Jan – Canada Revenue Agency monitoring Facebook, Twitter posts of some Canadians

31 Jan – Most Canadians to pay $1,000 or more when Ottawa taxes health, dental plans

7 Feb – DVD With Tax Information of 28,000 Yukoners Lost, Says Canada Revenue Agency

14 Feb – Raid on accounting firm highlights lack of accountant-client privilege

21 Feb – Transfer of Canadian banking records to Internal Revenue Agency (IRS) doubled last year

28 Feb – Canada Revenue Agency Wins Federal Money Wasting Award

7 Mar – CRA's new fingerprinting policy could create travel problems for accused tax evaders

14 Mar – Justin Trudeau must order Canada Revenue Agency to release tax information

21 Mar – 12 unusual Canadian tax deductions that filers have tried to claim

28 Mar – Campobello Island man told he's dead by Canada Revenue Agency

4 Apr – Are the Irvings Canada's biggest corporate welfare bums?

11 Apr – 100 Years of Revenue Canada - 1917 vs. 2017

18 Apr – Why the CRA waives penalties on many Canadians who admit they didn’t pay taxes

25 Apr – $47 billion owed in taxes and hidden by very wealthy people

2 May – Protect yourself from the taxman

9 May – Underground economy players impervious to CRA's 'nudge' experiment

16 May – The CRA has our tax data — so why are we still filling out these crummy forms?

23 May – Revenue Canada records missing in KPMG tax dodge affair

30 May – Tax worker fired after biggest privacy breach at Revenue Canada

6 June – Canada Revenue Agency fires eight employees for violating taxpayers’ privacy, including the biggest breach in agency’s history

13 June – 'Average' Canadian family will pay $47,135 in taxes this year

20 June – Vern Krishna: Beware the Canada Revenue Agency net worth assessment

27 June – Could The Canada Revenue Agency Ruin Your Next Trip To Vegas?

4 July – Goods & Services Tax (GST) Around the World

11 July – Number of highest-earning Canadians paying no income tax is growing

18 July – EDITORIAL: When great art of Annie Leibovitz meets the tax cops

25 July – CRA falling behind in ensuring vulnerable women, kids get tax benefits: ombudsman

1 Aug – 'Where did that money go?' Seniors cut off from benefit blame CRA mixup

8 Aug – Ottawa’s new tax measures unfairly target many doctors

15 Aug – Why relying on your T4 slips to calculate income could be a big tax mistake

22 Aug – Canada’s tax system is needlessly complicated

29 Aug – Lorne Gunter: Its Time for a Tax Revolt in Canada

5 Sept – Canada Revenue Agency discriminates against PKU sufferers

12 Sept – Why the Liberal plan to tax entrepreneurs who invest will come back to haunt Canada

19 Sept – How the wealthy reduce the Canada Revenue Agency's take

26 Sept – When Tax-Free Savings Accounts Are No Longer Tax Free

3 Oct – Canada Revenue Agency CRA looks to collect $75M over improperly used TFSAs

10 Oct – 'Emotionally draining': Halifax woman battles CRA over mom's tax return

17 Oct – Feds’ New Tax On Employee Discounts Hits Low Earners Hardest: Critics

24 Oct – 'The delays are tremendous': Widespread backlogs hamper CRA streamlining, frustrate taxpayers

31 Oct – In Canada, the concept of 'tax fairness' is meaningless: Neil Macdonald

7 Nov – Canada Revenue Agency fought to keep tax-gap data secret

14 Nov – Moncton man among growing number of Canadians with diabetes denied disability tax credit

21 Nov – Canada Revenue Agency blocks calls, often gives taxpayers wrong information, auditor says

28 Nov – Single Mom Unsuccessfully Battles Canada’s Revenue Agency

5 Dec – Canada Revenue Agency lied about tax credit say diabetes advocacy groups

12 Dec – Canadian Senator calls to take Canada Revenue Agency to court information

19 Dec – Canada Revenue Agency MUM on the Tax Filings of Santa Claus

26 Dec – Two Days from the Diary of Samuel Marchbanks

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