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Stories of the Week

5 Jan – New tax rates and tax-free rule changes for Canadians to watch for in 2016

12 Jan – Canada Revenue Agency seeks back taxes from aboriginal employees

19 Jan – Prime Minister asked to direct Canada Revenue Agency to forgive aboriginal women's back taxes

26 Jan – Canada Revenue Agency Owes Canadians the Duty of Care thanks to Irvin Leroux

2 Feb – Canada Revenue Agency Employee Disappears After Data Leaks to CSIS

9 Feb – Canada Revenue Agency Voluntary Disclosure Latest Statistics

16 Feb – Simple tax tips to help couples score big on their tax returns

23 Feb – How Canada Might Achieve 0% Tax On Cannabis

1 Mar – U.S. duty-free limit for web purchases 40 times higher than Canada's

8 Mar – Canada Revenue offered amnesty to wealthy KPMG clients in offshore tax 'sham'

15 Mar – Secret tax deal for wealthy KPMG clients sparked anger inside Canada Revenue Agency

22 Mar – Critics want public hearings into Canada Revenue amnesty for KPMG offshore tax dodgers

29 Mar – Fee for land transfer registration amounts to tax on a tax

5 Apr – Is using free tax software worth the savings?

12 Apr – Canada Revenue Agency defends collection of back taxes from O.I. Leasing workers

19 Apr – Canada Revenue Agency struggling to collect taxes as total uncollected debt soars 110 per cent to $38 billion

26 Apr – Canada Revenue Agency mailed SIN numbers to wrong people -- twice: MP

3 May – Canada Revenue Agency Declares Woman Dead Then Cuts Off Pensions

10 May – Tax System Must Treat Everyone Fairly

17 May – Top CRA compliance official lobbied by ex-colleague to restrict auditor powers

24 May – Tax deadline gaffe costs Canada Revenue Agency estimated $1.5 million

31 May – Canada Revenue Agency routinely failed to meet Access to Information deadlines on KPMG

7 June - Canada Revenue Agency corners market on the name TED

14 June – Canada Revenue Agency rapped for failing to shred mountain of hard copies

21 June – Canada Revenue Agency Rents From Serial Tax Haven User

28 June – June 7th was Tax Freedom Day in Canada

5 July – Canada Revenue Agency has double standard for ‘tax cheats’

12 July – Former Toronto Maple Leafs GM Dave Nonis launches legal action against Canada Revenue

19 July – Halifax man beats Canada Revenue Agency tax bill despite being 'evasive'

26 July – Canada Revenue Agency forbids Unitarians from working for justice

2 Aug – Canadian banks agree to release information on Cayman Islands accounts

9 Aug – Canadian Campgrounds facing crippling tax hike from Canada Revenue Agency

16 Aug – Canada Revenue Agency convicts only a fraction of offshore tax evaders: Exclusive

23 Aug – Canada Revenue Agency Tells Couple to Return Baby Bonus After 8 Day Old Son Dies: CRA SOTW

30 Aug – Canada Revenue Agency asks couple to prove their children exist -- for second time

6 Sept – Saskatoon MP Questioning The Canada Revenue Agency's Inquiry Service

13 Sept – Canada: 15 Stages Of A Canada Revenue Agency GST/HST Audit

20 Sept – The Canada Revenue Agency is on an offshore-investing witch hunt

27 Sept – Anti-poverty group launches challenge of political-activity limits

4 Oct – Canada Has A Two-Tier Tax System And CRA Is Part Of The Problem

11 Oct – The Canada Revenue Agency is rotten to the core. Time to clean house

18 Oct – Ottawa mother loses thousands in child benefits thanks to CRA error

25 Oct – CRA apologizes, fixes mix-up after wrongly declaring woman dead

2 Nov – Revenue Canada wrongly took $11K from me: Carleton student

8 Nov – Ottawa dad urges Canada Revenue Agency to rethink 'sexist' child benefit policy

15 Nov – Refusal of an offer to settle is not grounds for Canada Revenue Agency to refuse relief from interest charges, court says

22 Nov – Widow Says Canada Revenue Agency Demanded Proof She’s Raising Her Daughter

29 Nov – Personal Investor: How tax-loss selling can work with RRSPs, TFSAs

6 Dec – Auditor general says Canada Revenue Agency takes too long to respond to tax complaints — and it’s costing us

13 Dec – Environmentalists still targeted by Canada Revenue Agency

20 Dec – CRA MUM on the Tax Filings of Santa Claus

27 Dec – 2 Days from the Diary of one Mr. Samuel Marchbanks

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