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Stories of the Week

6 Jan Tax reform paper recommends higher rate for top incomes, flat tax for investments

13 Jan Revenue Canada cracks down on electronic funds transfers

20 Jan Canada Revenue Agency eyeing special web page to counter negative coverage

27 Jan Blunder results in Canada Revenue Agency filing lien against wrong person

3 Feb Letter: The Canada Revenue Agency has a public-image problem

10 Feb NDP seeks probe of Canada Revenue Agency's text message destruction

17 Feb - Former Montreal 'escort queen' screwed by taxman

24 Feb EXCLUSIVE: CRA sued for $32-million over 'threats, intimidation'

3 Mar - Revenue Canada's call centres giving bad tax advice: report

10 Mar - Why tax cheats in Canada are rarely jailed

17 Mar Dead Man Claims to be Alive - Canada Revenue Agency Disagrees

24 Mar The five most wrongly claimed tax deductions

31 Mar Do your homework before paying to get your taxes done

7 Apr Target Gets $1.6B Tax Break For Shutting Canada Operations

14 Apr Tax time 2015: tax benefits for parents can add up to big savings

21 Apr Are online poker earnings taxable or not? - Canada

28 Apr Taxes without the filing headaches? It's already happening in some countries

5 May B.C. accountant Chris Cowland spotted error in CRA tax filing deadline

12 May The Canada Revenue Agency's political inquisitions

19 May Changes in your relationship status can have major impact on tax return

26 May Canada Revenue Agency Protects Criminals in Police Investigation?

2 June Thousands of CRA employees fell for fake phishing e-mail test

9 June Canada Revenue Agency takes steps toward providing reliable advice

16 June Tax Freedom Day later in 2015

23 June Canada Revenue Agency auditor convicted of corruption

30 June Two-thirds of calls to Canada Revenue Agency end with busy signal

7 July You Can Fight the Taxman With Enough Paperwork

14 July Art from the Archive: Toni Onley versus Revenue Canada

21 July Canada Revenue Agency writes off billions in 'uncollectible' tax debts

28 July Canada Revenue Agency targets successful TFSA investors

4 Aug United Nations Blasts Canada... and Canada Revenue Agency

11 Aug Current or capital expense? Knowing the difference is key

18 Aug How Netflix subscribers may be unwitting tax evaders

25 Aug Tax agency says she's dead and a horror story ensues

1 Sept Average Canadian family spending more on taxes than basic necessities, Fraser Institute says

8 Sept Decision opens working papers on taxes to CRA

15 Sept Are Canadians using small business tax rate to avoid tax?

22 Sept CRA says you can claim medical marijuana on your taxes

29 Sept Harper promises ban on federal tax hikes

6 Oct How Does Canada Tax My Investments?

13 Oct Why are a Former Liberal MP's Tax Charges being Ignored?

20 Oct Election 2015: How Proposed Tax Measures Could Affect You And Your Business

27 Oct - Foreign investors avoid taxes through Canadian real estate

3 Nov Canada Revenue Agency should warn public about dodgy charities earlier

10 Nov Is a Canada Revenue Agency Landlord Avoiding Taxes Via Offshore Havens?

17 Nov Quebec Court shoots down Canada Revenue Agency's 'highly reprehensible' investigation

24 Nov The Canada Revenue Agency Nasty Net Worth Audit

1 Dec Canada Revenue Agency kept charges against Liberal Herb Metcalfe quiet during election

8 Dec Time to clean house at the Canada Revenue Agency

15 Dec CRA may have duty to warn taxpayers of tax schemes, Federal Court rules

22 Dec Canada Revenue Agency MUM on the Tax Filings of Santa Claus

29 Dec 2 Days from the Diary of one Mr. Samuel Marchbanks

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