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Stories of the Week

1 Jan - The Child Tax Credit Grinch Who Stole Christmas

8 Jan - Story Moves Secret Santas to Help Family

15 Jan - A New Year, A New Set of Tax Numbers

22 Jan - Beware CRA's Formidable Audit Powers

29 Jan - Revenue Minister Applauded for Adding Accountability

5 Feb - Canada Revenue Agency Employee Fired For Making Game About His Job

12 Feb - Rogue Auditors Within the Canada Revenue Agency?

19 Feb - Tax court forces Canada Revenue Agency to expand disclosure

26 Feb - Canada Revenue Agency employees fired for being drunk, watching porn

5 March - Save on capital gains with the best tax break in the country

12 March - Canada Revenue Agency Stonewalls Access to Information Request

19 March - Observation By The FCA On The CRA Approach To Proposed Legislation

26 March - College fund caught up in seizures of Victoria horse-drawn trolleys

2 April - Canada Revenue Agency Demanding Fingerprints and Photos

9 April - Are all Canadian taxpayers treated equally by the taxman?

16 April - Senator linked to overseas tax haven pursued by CRA in past for unreported income

23 April - Judge Sides With Gang in Canada Revenue Agency dispute

30 April - Tax bill for average Canadian family up 1,787% since 1961: Report

7 May - Paying your income tax bill with a credit card

14 May - Canada Revenue Agency owed $29-billion, uncollected tax up 60% since 2006

21 May - Canada Revenue Agency defends tax-collection practices

28 May - Canada: Beware Of The US "Snowbird Visa TAX BOMB!"

4 June - Canada Revenue Agency mails private records to wrong person

11 June - Canada Revenue Agency auditors face charges in tax-evasion scheme

18 June - 'Accidental' GST legislation set to grab extra $1 billion from insurers

25 June - Beware the tax nightmare disguised as a gift

2 July - How to take on the CRA without fear of reprisal

9 July - New Requirements for Canadians with Offshore Property & Income

16 July – Man gets relief from tax debt he didn't owe

23 July –Judge turfs taxman’s case

30 July – Canada Amends Taxpayer 'Bill Of Rights'

6 Aug – Love And Taxes

13 Aug – Ontario CRA Employee Charged With $500,000 Fraud

20 Aug – Court Ruling allows Canada Revenue Agency bribery question

27 Aug – Widow wins war with Canada Revenue Agency

3 Sept - Canada Revenue Agency employed jailed for giving info to gangster

10 Sept - Canada Revenue Agency Tax overseer to testify in Irvin Leroux civil suit

17 Sept - Income splitting targeted by federal government

24 Sept - Revenue Canada aims to improve tracking of employee misconduct

1 Oct - Canada Revenue Agency corruption fear over $400K cheque to Nicolo Rizzuto

8 Oct - Revenue Canada issues run deeper than Nicolo Rizzuto cheque: ex-staff

15 Oct - Taxman chasing six Canadian families for $1B tax scheme

22 Oct - Canada: New Tuition Benefit: Tax-Free For Your Employees!

29 Oct - Canada Revenue Agency cuts off elderly woman’s tax benefit

5 Nov - Canada Revenue Agency staff suspended after mobster receives $381K cheque

12 Nov - Rising writeoffs cost Ottawa over $4B last year

19 Nov – Canada Revenue Agency’s uncollected taxes up by 60% since 2006

26 Nov – Canada Revenue Agency changes will reduce compliance

3 Dec – Canada Revenue Agency has no evidence to show its organized crime plan is working

10 Dec – Is Your Tax Refund Too High? Reducing Your Tax Deductions At Source

17 Dec – Top Ten Canada Revenue Agency Audit Flags

24 Dec – Canada Revenue Agency MUM on Santa Claus’ Tax Filings

31 Dec – Toronto woman’s bank account frozen over back taxes just before Christmas

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