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Stories of the Week

3 Jan - Want to Change the Canada Revenue Agency? Then Change Your MP!

10 Jan - Canada Revenue Agency taxpayers ombudsman lacks real power

17 Jan - How an honest mistake beat a $6-million tax bill

24 Jan - Holiday Parties Could Result in a Taxable Benefit

31 Jan - Nine tax deductions Canadians often miss

7 Feb - Canada Revenue Agency Needs to Start Complying with its Own Rules

14 Feb – A Look at Two Certainties: Death and Taxes

21 Feb – Interest Relief for Canadian Taxpayers

28 Feb – Economists say Ottawa should tax food

6 Mar – 7 new tax rules that could save you money

13 Mar – Tax cheats a problem, but so are those who overpay

20 Mar – When parking isn't 'free'

27 Mar – Tax charges dropped against Lark Harbour man

3 Apr – Governor General's salary to be taxed, but it won't cost him a dime

10 Apr – Claiming Your Parents as Dependents

17 Apr – CRA in bad form – Judge

24 Apr – Will CRA start giving advice you can take to the bank?

1 May – Tough tax penalty raises fairness concerns

8 May – Hundreds of ‘high-risk misconduct’ cases at Canada Revenue Agency

15 May – $15K tax bill follows immigrant program ruling

22 May – Is the babysitter an employee or a contractor?

29 May – Death, taxes and a tangled life insurance case

5 June - Missing Income is Costly

12 June - When is a pick-up truck not considered a truck?

19 June - Canada Revenue Agency Employee Convicted

26 June - CRA officials had hand in $1-million kickback scheme, Mounties allege

3 July - Taking on the Canada Revenue Agency

10 July – Accountant urges NHLPA to help fight Canada Revenue Agency

17 July - Investment industry asks tax man for a little relief

24 July - Pro hockey player can’t score on Canada Revenue Agency

31 July - Charitable donations take many forms

7 Aug - Ottawa audits waiters, tries to keep it secret

14 Aug - Canada Revenue Agency keeps eyes on Canada’s Olympic Medallists

21 Aug - Sharing tax docs found during drug searches with CRA a ‘common practice’: police

28 Aug - Canada: When Is Voluntary Disclosure Voluntary?

4 Sept - Manitobans most likely to snitch on tax cheats

11 Sept - Canada: Tax In Canada And The US: The Differences That Really Matter

18 Sept - Patron Saint of Newfoundland Fisherman Gets Diamond Jubilee Medal

25 Sept - CRA pressured to reduce payment errors

2 Oct - Majority of Canadians would pay under the table cash to avoid sales tax: survey

9 Oct - Simple CRA credit checks find missing millions in money owed

16 Oct – Revenue Canada no longer offering in-person payment and counter service

23 Oct – Four ways single seniors lose out

30 Oct – $100K tax bill caused by error alleges family

6 Nov – CRA begins issuing Tax-Free Savings Account reassessments

13 Nov – Canada Revenue Agency helps you give wisely to charity

20 Nov – CRA seizes funds from woman over late mother’s tax debt

27 Nov – Year-end deadline for taxpayers is fast approaching

4 Dec – Not over till the tax judge says so

11 Dec - Deducting travel costs as a medical expense

18 Dec - Canada Revenue Agency MUM on Santa Claus’ Tax Filings

25 Dec - 2 Days from the Diary of one Mr. Samuel Marchbanks

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