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Stories of the Week

1 Jan - Doreen Myran was 'Killed' by the Taxman

7 Jan - Canada Revenue Agency Head to Answer YOUR Questions THIS Thursday

14 Jan - Pensions: Taxpayers May Lose Life Savings - Part 1 of 2

22 Jan - Pensions: Taxpayers May Lose Life Savings - Part 2 of 2

29 Jan - Tsk tsk... Yet Another CRA Worker Sentenced for malfeasance

29 Jan - A CRA SOTW EXTRA!! - Pension ruling costly for pair

5 Feb - MORE CRA Tax Collector malfeasance - $120,000 fine this time!

12 Feb - Perrin Beatty comments on CRA Tax Bullies

19 Feb - Time to Clean up Canada Revenue Agency Abuses?

26 Feb - Canada Revenue Agency Ombudsman Appointed!

4 Mar - Six Million In Taxpayer Money Wasted Pursuing Workers?

11 Mar - Taxpayer takes Taxman (and Woman) to Court

18 Mar - Happy 5th Anniversary to the weekly Canada Revenue Agency Story of the Week!


1 Apr - Weird Tales About Filing Late Tax Returns :CRA SOTW

8 Apr - Taxman sent you a Request? Don't panic, It's not an Audit

15 Apr - Top Excuses For Not Filing On Time

22 Apr - A Poem from St. John's William V. Baker

29 Apr - CRA Mailing 'Error' Leads to Huge Tax Bill

5 May - How (and Why) the Rich Get Even Richer!

13 May - Tom Williams Has His Cake & Eats it Too

20 May - CRA Ordered to Recognize London School of Economics

27 May Divorced Father Fights Taxman for Denying Deduction

3 June - Commentary re: Divorced Father Fights the Taxman

10 Jun - Final Words On the Once Married Canadian Male

17 Jun - Tax Freedom Day in Canada Finally Arrives!

24 Jun - Golf-Hater Wins Canada Revenue Agency Court Battle

1 Jul - Canada Revenue Agency Panned by Tax Court Of Canada

8 July - Canada Revenue Agency Notifies Man of Tax Debt 16 Years Later

15 July - Tax Trouble On the Installment Plan

22 July - Rules Out Of Proportion to the Crimes Committed

29 July - Hell’s Angels Club the Canada Revenue Agency

5 Aug - Stunning Court Win For Canada's Revenue Agency

12 Aug - Ontario Dad Loses Tax Deduction Case

19 Aug - Why Some NetFile Users Can’t Resist Cheating!

26 Aug - Have Canadians Ever Had the Right to Pay the Lowest Tax Allowed by Law? Part I of II

2 Sept - Have Canadians Ever Had the Right to Pay the Lowest Tax Allowed by Law? Part II of II

9 Sept - An Unintentional Tax – the Cost of CRA Compliance

16 Sept - Many Canadians now Feel some Tax Evasion is Justifiable


30 Sept CRA - Some Sympathy for Tax Avoiders

7 Oct - ANOTHER Insider’s Look at the Canada Revenue Agency

14 Oct - A First - The Canada Revenue Agency Apologizes

21 Oct - A Tax Tale of Two Thugs

28 Oct - Why are so Many Taxpayers Being Abused?

4 Nov - Grading the CRA on Customer Service

11 Nov - ‘Average Jane’ beats CRA ‘Tax Experts’ in Court Victory

18 Nov - A Sigh of the Times

25 Nov - Canada Revenue Agency Assails Sister Agency's Workers

2 Dec - PSAC & UTE Bully Canada Revenue Agency Employees

9 Dec - CRA’S PSAC / UTE Bullies Lose Court Battle

16 Dec - REPORT Confirms CRA Sloppy with Security

23 Dec - 2 Days from the Diary of one Mr. Samuel Marchbanks

30 Dec - CRA MUM on the Tax Filings of Santa Claus

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