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Lil' Zane's debut album was named Young World: The Future. It was released in stores on August 22nd, 2000, and has since achived platinum status. The CD includes 15 tracks releseased by Priority Records including Zane's hit single, "Caliin' Me" featuring 112, and his recent single "None Tonight" whuch has made airwaves on BET. The tracks on Zane's Cd are as follows:

1. Top Down

2. M.O.N.E.Y.

3. Callin' Me

4.What Must I Do

5.Die Famous

6.Partners Come Along

7. None Tonight

8. Ride On 'Em

9.Ways Of The World

10. All About The Fun

11.What's Up

12.You Must Really Love Me

13. Too Hot To Stop

14.Beautiful Feelin'

15. We Ain't The One