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hey yo this joint right here

is dedicated to that one girl that every player wants

i see you baby and i wanna know what must i do


what can i do to make you see that

you want a hot boy baby i'll be that

tell ya man that you won't be comin' back

them other cats that you don't need none of that

i won't dine you i'll grind you

standin up behind you

hit it from the back so exact that it blind you

never tried to find you

but now i know i need you to combine with

help me raise mine with

i need a lady in my life when the streets is rough

so come on baby let me put ya heart in handcuffs

won't stop even when you tellin me it's enough

can't drop till i'm feelin that i'm killin ya stuff

wanna be the one you livin' for and givin' ya more

make ya blush when ya hit my plush bedroom floor

nobody sittin baby

you gettin' more than you can take

so come on shorty stop bein' so fake


what must i do to show you that i love you

what must i do please tell me

what must i do baby to have you

what must i do baby to hold you to have you

what must i do come closer i'll grab you

what must i do please tell me

what must i do baby to have you

what must i do baby

keep you iced out spend nights out baby i'll put ya lights out


i know ya man ain't blind it ain't hard to see

blew his mind when he saw you in the car with me

and my girl ain't blind cuz she ask and wanna see

who is that wit you when i passed the hummer

i said nobody but she smelled yo' body

wit you bout a hour ago

should a listened when you told me take a shower though

if i was her man she'd even take half my dough

but i'm not

so hop up in the drop we can cruise the block

and got a spot where them n****s don't go

on the low shorty pop 'dro

but she don't let guys know

by the time we left her eyes low

let's do it in the parking lot

baby i don't give a f*** if it's dark or not

already comin' out my shirt cuz it's awfully hot

got down to everything but my jewels and socks


last week i met this girl

my n**** she drove me crazy

damn she bad as hell

even let her push my mercedes

i hear she got a man

but he ain't beatin it crazy

that's why she came to z

cuz i treat her like a lady

took her up out the hood

flossin' hard in fancy cars

by my side at the awards

lookin' badder than the stars

chickens was getting jealous

and players was lookin' mad

of course could have been my porsche

but mami was kinda bad

hold up am i startin to catch feelings that i never had

and if i get serious will my n****s laugh

she like 25 i ain't even 20 yet

diggin with her gotta show her how my money stretch

she got drops that she ain't drove yet

she buyin' furs and it ain't even cold yet

gimme anything i need shorty gon' go get

i got platinum and i ain't even old yet