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it's not about the money


( chorus 2x)


you see its not the money 5x

you say it aint about the lovin 5x

you be on the alone its nuthin 5x

if its not nuthin

girl its gotta be somethin

slippin fallin slippin

you must really love me


told so many lies

by so many different guys

its hard to see the truth when in front of your eyes

i'm from a city of conflicts

criminals and convicts

livin on the run baby

only havin fun baby

she was just a friend so i never dug her

a young thug and so it wasn't in my heart to love her

you say you love me regardless

you was young and i was heartless

we both said it

i was hard headed

everything you said went into a ear and out another

i couldn't understand you wanted me to be your lover

you took time every night to write me love letters

and you used to whisper in my ear nobody does it better

and did i mention it was long letters

i like they way you squeeze in them dungaries

but the thongs betta

and you believe that i'm not there

till it make it feel like if you leave then i won't care



all my life i been goin through depression

more of the love and less dressin

i'm tired of guessin

tell me if you want affection

you make a thug feel love

you head rushin

and i can't seem to get enough

can i touch somethin

you're like an angel wit some wings sent to guide me

the law try to lock me down but you hide me

be beside me strapped for war soldier guide me

i'm tryin to be wit you

aint a army that can stop me

told me team the dream and automatically they knock me

said ya beat me down cause i'm young i'm like watch me

i love winnin ice linen and keep my dubbs spinnin

love women street corners and i'm gone keep on bendin

wit you its no pretendin

and even at the beginin i knew that you was wit it

even tho i neva hit it

forgive me for the times i bulls***ed

and now i'm all yours

baby you did it


chorus 4x