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what what

money stretch

lil' zane watcha sayin'

atlanta's finest what what


man u can check my lifestyle

and see that i'm quite wild

seven twenty eight night child

universal and versatile

you study my style

trying to live spiritual

and ya'll looking now

i can see right now

ya'll will never understand me

i call my best friend my family until they cross me

alcohol and weed cost me

so i limit it

runnin' n****s over like emmit did without a squad

drag you 'bout a hundred yards

many bumps and scars

pull out in the hottest cars with my entourage

smoke more l's than debarge

with connects worldwide like macintosh

i practice livin' large

n****s out of town don't understand these kids say what

n****s comin' to get me can't find where i live

i got two or three cribs stack the mill in the mill

ya'll get none of this dough shit ya'll fiends stay ill


money stretch like a rubber band

so wrap the grands up

catz got beef with me

go call your menz up

comin' up unexpected

f***in' your plans up

bustin' rounds lay it down

it's not a game

money stretch like a rubber band

so wrap the grands up

catz got beef with me go call your menz up

comin' up unexpected

fuckin' your plans up

bustin' rounds lay it down

now throw your hands up


name rings up in hollywood

but i'mma true n**** i'mma stay hollyhood

i never change might be a lil' busy though

a lil' nigga from a big a city yo

i love the dough

give me hits give me more chips

i stay legit so the feds can't tell me sh**

i came in with nothin' to lose

now i put my heart into making you move

i'm far flung

and the charts say i'm number one

you number two n****

check on the billboard

who under who n****

far from an amateur a money maker

leave your chick alone with me

i bet i'll take her

the game's taught me one thing

don't let her break you

money make the world go 'round

and the girls go down

and even paralyzed n****s gonna feel me now

for you nerds that study my words ya heard


you steady being on the corner right n****s ain't seen me in awhile

you probably thought i died

you devils love to see a n**** down and teary eyed

i call you idiot cause you don't know me really yet

i'm from the ghetto and getting dough is all i know

i'm on the low

i'm a mystery to 5 0

cause they don't know

damn my check is caught in studio

business is lovely see me in the videos

b****es wanna f*** me

worldwide n****s ride

i'm about to go to where some people call the other side

and live my life in paradise keep my family tight

but i can't keep the way i'm goin'

if the dough ain't right

my last days i can't live my life inside a cage

i'm getting money and you hataz don't do nothin' for me

either you with me or against me

n**** let it show

i get the dough non stop when the tracks hot

and you know what now what

i ain't even gonna rhyme no more ya'll get the picture