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DATE: March 10th, 2001

LOCATION: Mount Miguel High School; San Diego California, student parking lot

EVENT: Lil' Zane put on a free live show! Then he re-located to the school b-ball gym and partcipated in a celebrity basketball game, alongside Robert Griffith, Fredro Starr, Nick Cannon (nickelodeon), JJ Jones (the dad from smart guy), and many other celebrity sports stars, actors, and musicians.

MY PIX: I only took 8 of him and I scanned 5. I had front row at the concert so they came out pretty good. It was raining outside most of the show, but I didn't care. How often do I get to see Lil' Zane? No rain was going to stop me from seeing my man LOL.

Here's Zane and his back-up greeting the crowd

He was moving when I took this pic so it came out kinda fuzzy.


The most exciting part: Zane went to touch people's hands and they pulled him in the audience! They had to stop the song so he could get safely back on stage and retrieve his ring that someone took off his finger. The crowd was so wild that they ripped his shirt in half! He signed his ripped tank top and gave it to the girl who returned his ring.


After he got back on stage he continued the song (he was singing None Tonight) shirtless.

Inside the gym where the basketball game was throwin' down, I got a pic with him right before he made his early exit. He had to leave the game at half time to take a private jet somewhere...