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A Little info on Me

Name: Omar A. Ramirez
B-DAY: July 21,1981
Age: Hmmm try to figure it out
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 170 lbs.
Nationality: Half Mexican and Spain
School: Currently @ SMC (L.A. High c/o '00)
Major: Biology
Work: Accountant for a non profit organization!!!
ScreenName: AOL I.M.= Emonkeyz
E-mail Address:
Fav. Music: Ska, Alternative, House, Trance, Oldies, R&B, Spanish Rock, & Merengue
Hobies: Play Guitar & Drums, Go Buggie boarding or Surfing, Draw, Play all sorts of Sports, & open to try anything crazy!!!
Fav. Color: Blue
Girlfriend: Not Yet!!!!!