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Starting Out

By now, you have gotten your ring and you are all excited and happy. But what to do first??? Take a deep breath, relax.

The first thing to do after you have told everyone, is to make a list. There are many manuals on "how to" and "what to". This site is a preliminary walk through for you.

The first thing I'm going to say is check and double check everything. There are a few details before deciding anything else, plans like is it outside or inside? How many people do you plan on coming? So many questions you are asking yourself at this point. Trust me, they will all be answered and all will go well.

The main things to start with is WHEN, WHERE and by this point you are saying "HOW"!!!!

There are a few things that have to be coordinated almost together and its best to make 2 tentative dates just in case. The first things are the church, the minister or priest depending on your own preference, the hall and the caterers, and the photographer. No sense booking the church if you can't get a hall when your reception is an inside gala. Make tentative dates with all. This way you can keep you options open.

Ok, now that you have thoughts on all that, you can start making definite plans. Set the dates and put down your deposits on the hall, the church, the photographer and book your DJ or band, whichever you have decided on. There will be lots of lists to make, but in the mean time look around and search for ideas for your wedding. Decide your colors and what kind of theme for it that you want. Is it an outdoor country wedding, or is it a formal evening ceremony? The spectrum for your fantasy is immense. This is your wedding so put some of your personality in to it. Don't be afraid to put your own color scheme together. I had one bride that loved teal and purple but was hesitant to use them together. Well, we did and it was gorgeous. It was very striking.

Choose a reputable florist. Ask to see samples. If you are choosing silk flowers, which hold up the best, realize these can be arranged a lot different than real ones. Real flowers are beautiful and they smell great. Just remember that real flowers don't last. One bride ordered roses for her February wedding and as soon as the cold hit them, they slowly drooped down to nothing, and this was before the ceremony. When I was in the business, I made a sample of the bride's bouquet ahead of time and she had the final approval. This way there was no unforseen surprises the day of the wedding. As time goes on, more things will come to mind. Deal with each one as it comes. Allow yourself the time to relax and enjoy making the plans with all the details. It is supposed to be enjoyable, not a headache.

When you are looking for photographers, ask them if they do a before photo shoot. My photographer did this for me. You are asking, what is a before photo shoot? Well, it means you get your hair and makeup done the same way as you would for your wedding day. Take your gown with you, and your flowers,too, if you have them. She took about 5 or 6 photos of me, and I was so glad because we realized my headpiece didn't look good the way I originally had it. We moved it and the pictures came out beautifully. She had one bride who came in and did this, only to find out her dress hadn't been altered properly. Luckily, she still had time to have it fixed. Without this extra feature, she would've found out on her wedding day which would have been too late. So check around, it's well worth it.