Worship at St Paul's

Worship lies at the centre of St Paul's life and mission. The traditional Anglican Liturgy is celebrated in a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere. Worship is not about being entertained, but it is an offering of 'ourselves our souls and bodies to be a reasonable, holy and living sacrifice' to God. In worship we are also fed with God's Word, and in the Eucharist we are also fed with His sacramental Body and Blood.

Our worship follows a written liturgy dating back in parts to the third and fourth centuries. It was reformed and translated into English in 1549-1552, but did not reach its present form until 1928. Once you get used to following the service in the Book of Common Prayer you will find yourself joining in as though you have been worshipping that way all your life. Many people find this far more spiritually uplifting than relatively passive entertainment oriented worship so common today. To help you find your place, we print a bulletin which provides the page numbers and hymn numbers for that Sunday's liturgy. If you get stuck and cannot find your place do not be afraid to ask your neighbour.

Our ceremonial customs are commonly referred to by Anglicans as being "High Church." Our liturgy is formal, but not stuffy. A sung service, Eucharistic vestments, candles, genuflect, and incense are all part of our ceremonial tradition which reflects both the glory of the heavenly court and also the ideal of worship as an activity of the whole church, rather than something done solely by 'those up front.'

All our regular services are conducted according to the 1928 edition of the Book of Common Prayer. We also make use additional readings and Propers for minor holydays from the 1951 edition of The American Missal. The hymns and service music come from the 1940 Hymnal. The church's sanctuary is arranged in the traditional manner so that the celebrant at the Mass faces the altar with the congregation for the Eucharistic Prayer. The parish follows the practice of the Early Church in making the Holy Communion part of the main worship service every Sunday, except on the rare occasions when the Rector is away and unable to find another clergyman to cover for him.


Sometimes called Matins - Morning Prayer is one of the two daily Prayer services of the Anglican Church. It consists of psalms, canticles, and readings from the Bible, and is based upon the ancient monastic offices of Matins and Lauds. This service lasts about twenty minutes.

This is a straightforward said celebration of Holy Communion, with no music. The service is celebrated according to the 1928 Book of Common Prayer and includes a sermon or homily, and the minor propers from the English Hymnal. The 9.00am Eucharist lasts 35 - 40 minutes.


This is our weekly "family" Communion service which is celebrated according to the 1928 Book of Common Prayer using traditional music, chant, and hymns. A part of the service is sung to simple plainsong based melodies. These are printed in the Hymnal and are easily learned by the congregation. The first half of the service, called the Liturgy of the Word, focuses on the Bible - God's Word written, and includes two lessons; one from either the Old Testament or New Testament, followed by a reading from the Gospels, and a sermon explaining their meaning. The second half of the service is the administration of Holy Communion, or Liturgy of the Eucharist, in which we pray for the church and the world, the celebrant gives thanks over the Bread and Wine asking the Holy Spirit to transform them into the Body and Blood of Christ. Baptized Christians who are communicant members of their own churches are welcome receive the Holy Communion at St. Paul's. The service ends with a hymn of praise and the blessing. A good deal of the service is sung to simple plainsong settings. Incense is used on the four major feasts. The sung celebration of Holy Communion just over an hour. On major feasts the usual Sung Mass is replaced by a Solemn Mass at which incense is used.

From time to time - generally on 'fifth Sundays' - the usual Liturgy of the Word is replaced by Sung Morning Prayer. This consists of psalms and canticles and additional readings from Holy Scripture. After the "State Prayers" or Litany, the Eucharistic liturgy begins with the Offertory and then moves on the Preface and Prayer of Consecration. Morning Prayer with Holy Communion takes a little over an hour. The canticles are sung, as are the appropriate parts of the Communion service.

Holy Unction - the church's ministry of healing is administered after the Eucharist at both the 9.00am and 10.30am services on the second Sunday of the month.

Sunday School - for ages 6 through 13 - meets at 10.00am in the Classroom Wing adjoining to the parish hall. There is also Child Care is available for children under six. On arrival at church, the children go straight to Sunday School or Nursery, then join the rest of the congregation at the Offertory for the Prayer for the Church, General Confession, Consecration, and Communion. Sunday school takes a vacation during June and July.

9.35am Morning Prayer
10.00am Holy Communion - Low Mass
- a simple celebration of the Eucharist with a homily followed by coffee in the parish hall
11.00am Bible Study - the current series of studies began on November 30th and focus on the Gospel of St Luke.

Usually 9.35am Morning Prayer and 10.00am Holy Communion - Low Mass.

9.35am Morning Prayer
10.00am Holy Communion - Low Mass
6.35pm Evening Prayer
7.00pm Holy Communion - Sung Mass

In addition to our regular Bible Study at 11.00am on Wednesdays. We also offer occasional studies on doctrine, spirituality, or church history, usually each Lent, in the summer, and in the fall.

If you know of any member of the parish who is in hospital, a nursing facility, or is no longer able to get to church please phone the Rector at either 928/778-6018 or 928/443-5191, and he will be happy to arrange a visit and/or administer Communion from the reserved sacrament.

First Saturday of the month - 12noon to 12.30pm, or by appointment.

The Parish Office is usually open 9.30am to 12noon on Thursdays and Saturdays from Labour Day to Memorial Day. During the summer the office is open 9.30am to Noon on most Saturdays. Please phone the Parish Office - (928) 778-6018 - for details of additional services, to make appointments, and arrange for pastoral offices. If no-one answers please listen to recorded message which will give details of our regular services.

Inquiries concerning arrangements for Baptism, First Communion/Confirmation, and Marriage should be made with the Rector. To make an appointment phone the parish office on (928) 778-6018. If no-one is there, leave your number and we will get back to you, or email us at rector@prescott-anglican.org

This page last updated January 10th 2012