St John's Church, Newtownards

The Church of Ireland (Traditional Rite).

1st Sunday of the month, Holy Communion
All other Sundays, Morning Prayer.

St John's Church is located on the Old Belfast Road, west of Newtownards, adjacent to the Kiltonga Leisure Centre.

St John's was founded in 1991 as a traditional Anglican Congregation. We use the historic Irish Book of Common Prayer first published in 1559 and revised in 1662, 1877 and 1926. We worship in the small stone church in front of Kiltonga Leisure Centre. The church was originally built as a Quaker Meeting House in the mid-eighteenth century. After standing roofless for many years Ards District Council repaired it. Since its restoration St John's Parish has been its most frequent user.

The Church of Ireland (Traditional Rite) was founded in 1991 following the Church of Ireland's decision to ordain women priests and bishops in defiance of the Biblical evidence, and the continuous practice of the Church since Apostolic times. The Church of Ireland (Traditional Rite) is one of thirteen member Churches in the Traditional Anglican Communion, and has parishes both in Northern Ireland and the Irish Republic.

For more information, about St John's and the Church of Ireland (Traditional Rite) the following people.

By Telephone contact the Rev'd John MacCarthy, on 0284-062-3334.

By e-mail contact the Rev'd Peter Robinson using the link below.

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