About Us

St Paul's is a Biblically orthodox, Anglican Parish founded in 1981 to serve Prescott, and Central Yavapai County.  The parish is family-sized and consists mainly of middle aged and older members, reflecting Prescott's reputation as a good community for retirees.  We moved into our present facility in November 2006, and have since renovated a good portion of the building.


The parish has a Broad Church liturgical tradition, with Holy Communion as the main service on Sundays.  Under Bishop Peter Robinson, who Rector 2002-2016, the parish developed a strong pulpit and teaching ministry.  In addition to the Sunday services, there is a regular Communion, at which most Prayer Book Holydays are observed, and also Bible Study on Wednesdays.


You are welcome to join us any Sunday morning at either 10:00am for Holy Communion.  Morning Prayer is recited at 9:30am before the first Communion service of the day.  If you have moved to the Prescott Area, you are cordially invited to consider making St. Paul's your new Church home.


Yours in Christ,

+Peter D. Robinson,

former Rector, and current supply priest!