by Paul Moorhouse

Band New Book: Mint Condition
Oversize: Tall Folio
About 70 Color Reproductions in Large Format

112 pages; Published 2001
by PRC Publishers Ltd, London


The book contains almost 70 Reproductions of Dali's work in Full Color and Large Format as well as 14 different photograpshs showing him with his family and contemporary artists. There are other reproductions and photos to illustrate his works and technique. A comprehensive introduction covers the life, work and times of the artist.

The Reproductions with their year are listed hereunder. In the book every reproduction is accompanied by a critical essay.

1921 Self-Portrait with the Neck of Raphael
1922 Cubist Self-Portrait
1925 Seated Girl Seen from the Back ( Artist's Sister)
1926 Figure on the Rocks
1927 Apparatus and Hand
1928 Bather
1929 The First Days of Spring
1929 The Lugubrious Game (Dismal Sport)
1929 Illumined Pleasures
1929 Accommodations of Desire
1929 The Great M
1929 The Enigma of Desire
1930 The Hand, Remorse
1931 The Persistence of Memory
1933 William Tell
1930 Invisible Sleeping Woman, Horse, Lion
1930 The Enigma of William Tell
1932 Anthrophomorphic Bread
1932 Mediataion on the Harp
1933 The Phantom Cart
1933 Gala and Angelus of Millet Immediately Preceding the Arrival of the Conic Anamorphoses
1933 The Architectural Angelus of Millet
1933 The Atavism of Dusk
1933 Archaeological Reminiscence of Millet's Angelus
1933 Average Atmospherocephalic Bureaucrat in the Act of Milking a Cranial Harp
1934 Atavistic Vestiges After the Rain
1934 The Weaning of Furniture-Nutrition
1934 Ghost of Vermeer of Delft which can be used as a Table
1934 Skull with its Lyric Appendage Leaning on a Nifht Table
1934 Atmospheric Skull
1935 Portrait of Gala
1935 Paranoiac-Critical Solitude
1936 The Great Paranoiac
1936 Suburbs of a Parnoiac-Critical Town
1936 Soft Construction with Boiled Beans
1936 Autumn Canibalism
1937 Swans Reflecting Elephants
1937 Metamorphosis of Narcisus
1938 Impressions of Africa
1938 Spain
1938 Apparition of Face and Fruit Dish on a Beach
1938 The Endless Enigma
1938 Beach Scene with Telephone
1940 Slave Market with the Disappearing Bust of Voltaire
1943 Geopolitics Child Watching the Birth of the New Man
1950 The Madonna of Port Lligat
1951 Raphaelesque Head Exploding
1951 Christ of St John of the Cross
1954 Corpus Hypercubicus
1955 The Last Supper
1956 The Skull of Zurbaran
1958 The Sistine Madonna
1968 The Hallucinogenic Toreador
1976 Gala Contemplating the Mediterranean Sea
1977 Dali's Hand Drawing Back the Golden Fleece
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