The David Bowie Story - BBC Radio 1993

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01. "Ready, set, go man go
02. "I got a woman"
03. "She ain't more than five foot three"
04. "My girl calls my name - Hi Dave"
05. "I've started digging holes myself"
06. "I'd sell my house and femy coach"
07. "And may God's love be with you"
08. "It's the madness in his eyes"
09. "I care for no-one else but you"
10. "God's a young man too"


Part Two             top

01. "We crashed a thousand yards below"
02. "Prerish with the sadmen roaming free"
03. "I laughed and shook his hand"
04. "We're nobody's children at all"
05. "Rule Britannia is out of bounds"
06. "Dress my friends up just for show"
07. "Cried so much his face was wet"
08. "He could lick 'em by smiling"
09. "If we can sparkle he may land tonight"


Part Three           top

01. "We move like tigers on vaseline"
02. "He looked a lot like Che Guervara"
03. "Battle cries and champagne"
04. "And Mummuy didn't need no boys"
05. "The year of the Diamond Dogs"
06. "You'll be shooting up on anything"
07. "Gee, my life's a funny thing"
08. "You are too cool to fool"
09. "That angel stuck in my mind"


Part Four             top

01. "My baby's in there some place"
02. "The return of the Thin White Duke"
03. "Jasmine, I saw you peeping"
04. "Don't look at the carpet"
05. "That's the colour of my room"
06. "We can beat them, just for one day"
07. "You'll never know the real story"
08. "Life is a pop of the cherry"


Part Five              top

01. "She could have been a killer"
02. "Major Tom's a junkie"
03. "We are the goon squad"
04. "People on the edge of the night"
05. "Put on your red shoes and dance"
06. "Visions of swastikas in my head"
07. "I don't want to go out"
08. "Watching them come and go"
09. "Gonna write a poem in a letter"
10. "Calling out around the world"


Part Six                top

01. "I've nothing much to offer"
02. "Tint wails, tiny cries"
03. "You are my moon, you are my sun"
04. "Andy, where's my 15 minutes?"
05. "Between the blade and the tongue"
06. "Helibo seyoman cheli venco deho"
07. "God is on top of it all"
08. "Putting on the black tie"
09. "I wish I was a sailor"
10. "Angel for life"