The 1981 BBC 1 broadcast of Bertolt Brecht's 'Baal' starring David Bowie.


The Play
01. BBC 1 Intro
02. Baal's Intro
03. "Whilst his mother's womb contained the growing Baal..."
04. Baal's unscrupulous abuse of divine gifts
05. Baal abuses the power he has over a woman
06. 64A Holzstrasse
07. Two years later Baal discovers a (to him) new kind of love
08. Baal earns his money for the last time
09. Baal abandons the mother of his unborn child
10. In the years 1907-1910 we find Baal and Eckhart tramping across South Germany
11. In the year 1911 Baal succumbs to his predestined disposition to murder
12. Baal on the run 10° East of Greenwich
13. Baal dies wretchedly among wood cutters in the year 1912

The Songs
14. Baal's Hymn
15. Remembering Marie A.
16. Dirty Song
17. The Drowned Girl
18. The Ballad Of The Adventurers