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Thurday, 11.21.02
6:39 pm
mood: crappy
song: Why Do I Love You - Westlife

well well, it's been awhile since i blogged, dang it! i have so many things to do!!! ok then why 'em i online? i'm just trying to forget my problems i guess. i'm so not satisfied w/ my segment for campus news this week...i think it sucks. oh well...oh yeah everyone loved last week's FYI. Ilane, Tiffany, and I thought it sucked cuz we did the Charlie's Angel's pose and all...that was embarrassing but someone said that our teacher actually thought it was funny and he liked it n that it's the first FYI he! everyone loved it! hehe. oh man, i'm so not sure if Cole will be staying for the rest of the season! that sucks! he better stay! oh yeah that Mile's guy...haha he's gone now! he died! hehehe...i'm so mean. but yeah last week's eppy was cool b/c Cole actually stood up against Phoebe. the emotional part was when he was writing a letter b/c he knows he was gonna be vanquished by the Charmed One's..just like he planned. when the three girls showed up at his place to vanquish him, one by one they threw the potion but it work so when it was Phoebe's turn to throw it, she hesitated! aww...she saw their pic together along with the letter that Cole wrote for her and that's when she said "we won't help you commit suicide" and omg here's a real tear jerker, Cole's response was "you already have" awww...sucky! he said that being vanquished was the only way out for him! omg he's so invincible! yay! no one - not even the Charmed Ones can defeat him! cool! cuz the potion didn't work for him either! hehe...enough about Charmed. lalala...i'm bored...oh yah omg i cannot believe ppl nominated me for most likely to own a comic book store for the senior faves/gags. omg who would do that? n here's another shyest? i'm quiet not shy...there's this huge difference (uhh yeah - i think - yup)...i sorta knew that was gonna happen...but out of the things i was nominated for, i like most artistic better! hehe. well i'm tired, i gotta sleep err...take a nap or whatever - hhmm i should study for

Sunday, 11.10.02
10:26 pm
mood: grumpy

i went to Knott's Berry Farm w/ few of my rained but it was still hella fun! i loved it! i've never been this happy n had lots of fun before. anyways, my stupid yahoo mail is screwed up! ahh! it's blocked for unknown reason! i hate it!! arrrh!!! i mean i dunno any of my friends' emails to inform them of my new email addy!!! that i dunno who's been emailing me!!! ahhH! stupid yahoo!!! anyway...back to Knott's, well i bought my mummie the Lil Twinstar stuff toy cuz i know that's her fave n also b/c u can't really find it anywhere else. so yeah...she was happy when i gave it to her n i'm soo glad! yeah what else? oh yah we also watched "GhostShip" grossed out movie doode! didn't make much sense to me...haha. we watched it at Cerritos, n the lady asked if one of us was 21, we sorta panicked, but like the guy we were with said that he was 21...(truth - he wasn't hehe) so he bought the tickets for us! cool!!!

Tuesday, 11.05.02
10:07 pm
mood: beat/bummed out
song: Iris - Goo Goo Dolls

when everything's made to be broken, i just want you to know who i's so not fair when ppl close their hearts to others and not let other ppl who wants to get to know them, in. they're not even bothering to give them a chance. i can't say it's understandable. it's not good to have a cold heart. but yeah whatevers. omg, this is so not fair! my friends and i had the whole week planned out...this week was suppose to be a happy week. but alas, it's not. first off, we had this plan on going to Knotts, but then one of the guys we were suppose to go out w/ backed out b/c he made other plans. he could've just told us this - well i dunno - maybe not at the last minute! i hate it when ppl cancel the last minute! it's such a shame, i thought this time he'll keep his promise - but he didn't - again! but he won't spoil the plan for us. we're still going w/ or w/out him. as if he was actually gonna call me to inform me about the change of plan. if i hadn't called him up, i never would've known 'til the day before we go to Knott's. oh well, whatevers. anyhoo, today my friends and i went to see THE RING. dang, it was funny - well not the movie cuz it was freaky! hehe. but anyway, we were all curled up in our chairs w/ one hand covering our eyes! hahaha...we screamed here and there lol. we tried so hard to cover our eyes man! hehe. so yeah. oh and 'bout last Sunday's Charmed titled "Sympathy for the Demon" yey Cole! hehe. man he was soo good in that eppy! there was this one moment when Phoebe gazed at Cole in the attic scene! hehe. the only disturbing part was Phoebe dating this guy named Miles! eeewww...uck! she was all over him at the end of the eppy! and omg! the next eppy ish even more disturbing! go away Miles...sorry! hehe. ugh! i have a quiz for Physics tomorrow! owie! too bad i ain't going to the homecoming. i haven't gone to a homecoming dance, it would be nice to go for once since it's my senior year! omg i hate that kind of reminder. i'm outtie...i just want you to know who i am

Friday, 11.01.02
10:10 pm
mood: crazy/not sane!
song: Right Kind OF Wrong - LeAnne Rimes

if u listen to the lyrics of this song, it suits Phoebe and Cole! hehe, here i go again w/ Charmed. well Halloween was sucky for me! each year, it gets worse n worse. i had tons of hw! not fair. omg! today was beyond humiliation...i mean...i can't even describe what happened today! it was just friggin' -'s that kind of day when u feel like hiding inside your room and wished to be home-schooled. well, that's how i feel right now! i can't believe J did that n i can't believe Di said that...ahh...*knocks head on keyboard*...gosh golly wow!...hahaha...since i brought my cam to school, she's been filming me. like from first period to 2nd. all i say in the cam is "J turn that off" and JJ "you think you know but you have no idea" and Di "so what's up" that's all we said! hahaha...i should count how many times we said those phrases. oh yeah, she made our Physics teacher say "you think you know but you have no idea" hahaha. anyway, well today...i still can't believe it! too bad i can't mention it here cuz i know otha ppl reads this...n i dunt want 'em to find out about it! hehe.

Monday, 10.28.02
9:23 pm
mood: hungry

uhhh like last Friday, Di and I went to JJ's church. it was our first time going to a Christian's so different. omg it was so embarrassing in a way when the girl speaking asked us to introduce ourselves in front of everyone but yah...Di and I just yelled out our names. oh and my mom bought me that panasonic palmcorder and i brought it at school today, man JJ put the cam on my face from first period to 2nd! arrh! hehe jk.

Wednesday, 10.23.02
4:53 pm
song: Happy Together - The Turtles

that's my umm...theme today was the first day of school. Di came over so we could go to JJ's place together. on the way to her place, we listened to "Happy Together" - haha Di and JJ knows why, and "I Want to hold your hand" cool. when Di and I got there, we found JJ still in her jammies lol! oh hey she finally fed us! haha...well just Di, i wasn't that hungry. man, first period was the best! we laughed at almost everything our Physics' teacher said. the three "weirdos" (us) sat together, and our teacher said that we three never change - i think he meant our face or maybe our attitude. but anyway, Di responded "b/c we're weirdos" we're the WEIRDOS now...awesome!!! omg that's JJ's expression! i've been hanging out w/ her too much man! haha. well since then we just started cracking up laughing! our face turned red and felt so hot! omg it was to the extreme laughter...well not as much as when Anna, Di, and I went to watch Tuck Everlasting, my tummy started hurting b/c we couldn't stop laughing. of course, going out wouldn't be complete w/out Starbucks coffee. well, today wasn't all that started at 10:00 the three (JJ, DI, and I) of us had the chance to walk to school together in the morning for the first time. it's cool that the three of us are spending alot of time together lately esp it's senior year. man, it's so fun when i'm w/ these guys! haha...there's never a dull moment. today was one of those happy happy days b/c first period made up for it - i mean first period already made my smile couldn't turn into a frown! was sooo funny!

Tuesday, 10.15.02
8:00 am
song: I Do - 98

if you're asking do i love you this much, i do. why 'em i doing up so early in the morning?!?! well this is what i hate about direct tv and its eastern time. i wanted to watch Charmed 6am today and i wanted to make the deadline to email my hw! so yeah, the eppy i watched was "Black as Cole" and whoa what a cute - yet original proposal! it could've been more romantic but hey that's Cole for yah! he's so spontaneous in every way.
dang, can't i make my own decision w/out other ppl having to question it? aren't i capable of doing things on my own, and trusting myself? it's like saying that my decisions aren't always right, n that it's doom to failure! i want to regret the wrong decision i made and not regret the decision i made of listening to other ppl telling me what to do. i want to be able to blame myself for my own mistake. another thing, my parents sure did a hella nice job of protecting me! they're so overprotective! it's like i'm some kind of a fragile glass that could easily break at any given moment - and they wonder why i can't do things such as cooking, and taking care of myself on my own! i want to become independent, go on by myself but how can i when my whole life i've been protected by the people around me - not just my parents. i can't even take a walk by myself without thinking of any kind of dangers that may be lurking right behind me! i was raised w/ so much comfort, and i'm so afraid of not being to live my life w/ out that comfort. i was pampered by everyone, n some ppl think that i can have anything i want? well what do u expect? i am the only child - the first born...on my dad's side of the family i'm the first born - the first grandaughter and niece - the first baby actually. on my mom's side, i'm the youngest, the one they saw grow up in front of their eyes. i mean, one little bruise concerns everybody! esp when i was little! everyone made such a fuss! when i get some kind of recognition from school, everyone has to know about it and then they expect too much from you and it's really hard to please everyone. i have these voices in my head telling me to do what i want to do, and to not disappoint anybody...isn't it hard to live w/ these kind of stress??? technically, i do not get what i want. there are things that i want to happen...n it hasn't happened yet but i'm not giving up hope. i know time will tell...things happen for a the meantime, i might as well enjoy this! hehe

Sunday, 10.13.02
11:33 pm
mood: devastated
song: I'd Do Anything - Simple Plan

yeah i know, i'm devastated n the song isn't the sad song type to listen to at the moment...haha...well first off, Cole isn't gonna be in the sixth episode of Charmed and there's this ongoing rumor that he's leaving the show. he won't be in the sixth season? what is up w/ that? that can't be...that's not possible. but i guess i shouldn't believe it b/c it hasn't been confirmed. but yah whatevers...yup that is the reason why i am sad n also b/c the ending of tonight's eppy was soo friggin' sad. ohh he called Phoebe 'honey' in the eppy...but his role is's like he's hardly on the screen! i don't want him to go.
today JJ called me up to kick it at her place. i dunno why, mebe to meet her friends or something. anyway, Sam and JJ picked me up and then we went to her place. we just watched Dungeons and Dragons. for two hours we didn't do anything. then Sam dropped me off home. cool i've never met anyone who's taking pediatrician for a major...well u know what i mean. he kinda helped me out a little by saying that being a heart surgeon won't give u time for your family and it will only give u tons of pressure...he knows that b/c he said he wanted to become one when he was little so now he's taking pedia instead b/c he loves kids. cool...he put it in prespective for now i guess i won't be considering to become a heart surgeon...i want to become a pediatrician b/c i love kids also but i also love cartoon animation and something mass communication...ahh this is so hard! i'm on my last year of HS and i still dunno what to major on!!!

i made this lil banner to show my love for this couple! hehe...i am a P/C 'shipper...hehe

you've just been Ana-fied

Saturday, 10.12.02
6:02 pm
mood: sleepy

i'm watching Scooby Doo while bloggin. well anyway, today i took the SAT II. man, the writing part was so easy - i was wide awake and ready but then the literature came in second - i felt sleepy. it was so hard to concentrate haha. then the math - my tummy was grumbling...hehe. anyhoo...i took the test at Belmont High. i saw Kenny, Charles n Chris. i wanted to say Hi but like i didn't think that they would recognize me b/c last time i saw my other friends, they didn't recognized me. besides, i was too busy laughing at JJ b/c she kept rambling about the naked guy statue - even though i told her that he's wearing boxers! haha. she kept saying how ugly that school is. after the test, we went to the mall. i made my mummie buy me the new Sims' expansion pack. oh yeah last night i went to Laarnie's house b/c it was her bday. hhhmmm...Friday morning, Di and I picked up JJ at her house so that we could have our study group. can't we just walk w/out being stared at...i hate it when they do that! while Di and i were waiting for the bus, there was this guy in the car who kept calling us...eewww...we just ignored him - haha, he just made a fool outta himself! oh yeah it there was this one time when Anna and i walked to the liquor store where my mom was gonna pick us up. every car that passed by stared at us. so, Anna stared down these guys in the car. she freaked out when they stopped and got out of the car! haha good thing my mom came. we thought that the reason they got out of the car was b/c Anna stared at them! lol. anyway back to Friday, JJ, Di and i went to boarders to study. the three of us are crazy when we're together - we get too hyper. the ppl around our table kept leaving...b/c we were too loud. we did study though...we were just studying loudly! hehe. we left Boarders and headed back to the mall. Di bought a sweater at Abercrombie n Fitch. when she was paying for it, i asked her if i could see her ID...she said no, but the guy at the cash register held out his arm showing me Di's ID...haha Di tried grabbing it but the guy still wanted to hand it to he threw it at me! hahaha Di was soo funny! that was soooo funny!!! omg that moment was hilarious! that guy was sooo cool! Di was going crazy trying to grab her ID! hahhaaha...i was just playing around...i mean i didn't really care if i see the ID or not, but i was surprised when the guy handed it to me! hahahahaha ok ok sorry Di! whoo hoo!
gee i guess i haven't blogged in awhile - i was busy updating my other page PlayGerls...i need to work on it some more but i doubt i'll have time...gosh darn it i have a lot of things to do so i guess i won't be spending a lot of time surfing the net...i'll be online for dl*ing purposes only. well i'm outtie.

you've just been Ana-fied

Monday, 10.07.02
song: I Will Be Yours - Aaron Carter
mood: i'm all good
quote: keep ur hands off my pumpkin - Cole

that's what Cole said to Adam when he was about to smash the pumpkin w/ Phoebe inside it in the episode "Happily Ever After". alright...i have a lot of things to this may take i just finished watching Degrassi, i didn't like it before...but today's episode struck me haha...well i was drawn to this guy named Craig b/c he looks so much like my old friend back in Jr. High. he even sound like him! same voice!!! omg!!! hehehe. his real name is Jake Epstein...whoa...i couldn't believe...they look exactly alike and sound alike too! ohkay yah i'm weird...Anna already said that haha. i watched Tabing Ilog before Degrassi...i take back what i said about me dumping James for Kenji. it's not that i feel bad about what happened to James - he got into an accident omg i cried when he died...i think he died...nah the writers wouldn't kill Patrick's character off - but he is a nice guy. that was soo nice of Kenji to bring James to the hospital and by telling George that he'll leave her alone if she would only go visit James in the hospital! *sniff* so sweet! hhmm...i think Kenji should just ask Anne out! hehe. oh wait Anne's Mr. Blue is a cutie too! *smiles* hey Anna!!! hahah i saw u there on tv! hahah B1 *sings* bananas in pajamas are running down the stairs!!! hahahahha jk! yah ok 'nuff about that. ok go on to Being Eve, i finally saw the friggin' episode where Eve and Adam got together!!! hey i just noticed something, Adam and Eve! hahaha...coincidence??? lol. but yeah *phew* i was so happy to finally see that eppy! but too bad their relationship wasn't meant to stay long! *sigh* b/c Adam's not gonna be in the show in the second season. there'll be this new guy and he's going to be Eve's new bf - he's a cutie too! haha ok ... 'nuff 'bout guys...i don't wanna prove Anna right.
i will be yours until the day that i die, i will be yours. aww Aaron sounded so cute when he recorded his first album...and now he sounds so much like his big bro Nick. i mean his new song "Keep Believing" really sounds like Nick! but yah "i will be yours" is the song i'm listening to right now - durrh! and that was the song that Anna and i first listened to when she came over here earlier. as soon as that song started to play...both of us started walking down the memory lane! awww...we also had our girl chat but most of the time it was the walk down memory lane...reminisce and that song brought back a lot of memories to both of us. we each have our own memory of that song!...then i went to get my photo album to show Anna the pic of my bestfriend back in grade school...and then i ended up looking at all of my albums. ahh omg i can't believe that i wore those kind of clothes back then! ahh...there's this one pic where my dress is so colorful and i had on this dunce looking made me look like a clown! yah Anna couldn't stop laughing! man!!! but she laughed at one of my baby pics where i was sittin' on the potty! lol haha it's so funny looking back at those embarrassing - esp my baby pics!!! ahhh...hahaha. i am NOT gonna show that album to anyone EVER!!! 1 - 8 yrs old u look cute b/c u're still young and any outfit made you look cute but 9 -12 yrs old was my awkward phase i dunno for other ppl! hahah i had no sense of style whatsoever! Anna and i found out that both of us went through almost the same things. like we were both angels in our christmas plays and we had our tomboy-ish get up style during our younger years! hehe i admit i was a little tomboy but what can you expect...i grew up w/ my guy cousins and his i was surrounded w/ guys...up until i moved away and my cousin Heide had influence on me. she started putting make up on me and dressing me up since i was 9 - which explains the start of my awkward phase hehe. anyway Anna and I shared our cute stories...i just remembered when i was little and my bestfriend uh proposed haha, well not really but it was really cute when he said it. we were playing w/ some of our other friends from school, i was the mom and he voluntered to be the dad. then he said that when we grow up he will actually marry me for reals!(kinda like what happened to Dianne and Ricky in Gimik. Ricky, Rico Yan, said something similar to Dianne, Judy Anne, when they were little playing bahay-bahayan. it was almost the same thing) haha that was so cute! back then that was uh awkward, considering the fact that i was still young and had no idea about the term "crush" or liking someone in general, and i considered myself to be one of the guys and had no intentions on liking one - back then! haha. now that i think about it...that was soo cute! well since i'm on that subject...back in 8th grade one of my bestfriends (not the same one), said somewhat the same thing. he didn't tell me directly but he accidentally blab it out to one of my other friends. she informed me on what he told her and some other ppl in their class about his future plans. he said that he's gonna graduate HS, and he's gonna look for me after HS and marry me. i was speechless when she told me and yet thrilled deep inside. thing is, how would he know that we weren't gonna see each other during HS? back then the gang planned on going to the same HS...the plan changed when i didn't get any schedule from the same HS as my friends...and it was a week before the start of yeah.
on to my rant on last night's Charmed, i think i should have a section for my rants about it here in my blog. ok here goes. first off...omg i love this eppy! Leo saved the day b/c he had Piper's power to blow things up! hahaha. i love the fact that Phoebe's having a second thoughts about her accusations on Cole, and Leo and Piper switching powers! it was hilarious!!! Leo got Piper's pregnancy symptons and her powers while Piper had to deal w/ all the chattering in her head...she got Leo's whitelighter ability. their unborn baby made them both walk a mile in each other's shoes! they've been so mean to Cole! - well not Leo. he hasn't said anything against Cole. i can't believe Piper brushed Cole off when he was only trying to help! but Phoebe tried to defend him by saying that maybe he's serious about proving that he's no longer evil but Paige cut her off!!! ech! don't shut Phoebe up when she's saying something good about Cole!!! hehe. she was almost beginning to understand him though...but like i said Paige cut her off before she could finish her statement! haha. i still dont get Phoebe. what else is there to prove that he has changed and is now worthy of her? he went to a burning building to save a woman's life for cryin' out loud!!! and it still wasn't enough??? that guy's crazy over her! oh and omg you gotta love that little smirk he gave her in the office during their interview, it was soooo cute! he's a great actor! his acting is just so incredible! he portrays the character so well! it doesn't seem fake - his expression - he pulled it off. oh yeah...shirtless Cole lol...aww c'mon who wouldn't love that? haha. the flashbacks were awesome in Phoebe's shows that she's constantly thinking about Cole despite her public denial...deep inside she knows he's still a part of her. Elise, her boss, caught her. she proved to Phoebe that if she's still calling Cole 'the love of her life' then she still cares deeply about him. whoo hoo! if they're showing flashbacks like that, then that means that there's still hope that those two will get back together. they're meant to be together - he is after all her true love and the guy's so inlove w/ her! to sum it up...i love this eppy. i taped it and i've been watching it since last night hehe. i love Piper and Leo's conflict! hehe...Leo was soooooo funny. here are my fave quotes from that eppy: (i took the time to actually get these don't steal 'em to put in ur aim profile...)

Phoebe: death did us part Cole. just b/c you figured out a way to come back, doesnt mean that i didn't keep my end of the bargain
Cole: c'mon Phoebe, a quickie divorce?
Phoebe: i just thought since we weren't gonna ride off into the sunset
Cole: you want sunset? i can have us on a horseback in seconds flat
Phoebe: oh yeah? what you gonna steal the horse from one of those apocalypse guys?

Piper: Paige, i don't want to chat. i've got problems here. geez you're like my husband w/ boobs!

Paige: you want me to orb his butt back here?
Piper: no, he's right. innocents come first. besides, his aftershave is making me vommit a little

Phoebe: Elise, woman to woman. Cole was the love of my life, and i'm finally learning to live my life w/out him. now, calling him for a favor would be opening a can of worms i have worked so hard to close
Elise: woman to woman, if you're still describing this guy as the love of your life, then the can is still open, the worms are out and you may as well use it to go fishing (oohh she got you there Pheebs)

Phoebe: alright, what was going through your mind while you were in the fire?
Cole: i was thinking um. i hope i make it out of this. i'd hate to never see my wife again
Phoebe: *sigh* Cole
Cole: i'm serious. all day long everything i do, i'm thinking of you(omg!!! how can u not love that?)

Paige: what is up w/ ur powers lady?
Piper: i don't know. i think my half whitelighter baby thought that fireworks would be prettier than demon guts
Paige: well tell your half witch baby the joy of killing and maiming a demon

Piper: vanquish demon first, kill husband later

Leo (to Piper): i feel nauseous...are your boobs always this sore?

Leo: relax?!? i'm sore all over, i'm w/out my powers and i'm about to have to fight a demon. my own aftershave is making me sick!...why do they call it morning sickness when it lasts the whole day?

Leo (saying the vanquishing spell for the siren): o singing lady of the dusk, who preys on men turn love to lust. we hearken ye -
Phoebe: we hearken ye? what are we trying to summon a leprechaun here?

Leo: i'm not nauseous!
Piper: hey i am! - wait that's not good news

haha...ok now i'm just plain weird. oh yeah...last night my mom and i went grocery shopping and bought frappuchino. as soon as i got back this guy called me...he said he was right in front of my building, so i looked and he was. Anna told me that he's been driving around our neighborhood...dude i got me a stalker lol...but isn't that scary? i mean he knows where i live...aww he won't leave me alone then. he said he was just passing by. passing by eh? oh crap! i'm running out of excuses for him...i'm using the same excuses over and over and he still doesn't get it? i just don't want to say it directly tho. anyway...i just finished making a layout for the site i'm sharing w/ Tiffany. dang that took a lot of work!!! and omg i can't believe that we're almost back to school! noo!!

Saturday, 10.05.02
9:15 pm
song: Love Is Here To Stay - Ding Dong Avanzado
mood: happy
quote: magic happens for a reason- Phoebe

hmmm everything happens for a reason...i agree...but sometimes i would like to know exactly what that reason is...whoa what a week it's been! ok first off Thursday, i watched the old episode of Charmed where Andy was killed. i finally saw that episode - i didn't know that it was gonna be a tear-fest...what no tissue warning?...his death was really sad...i think worse than Cole's...wait...well both of their deaths made me cry. it was as if i could feel Prue's pain when Andy died and also Phoebe's...oh heck even when Leo couldn't be w/ Piper made me sad also. i'm obsessed w/ Charmed while Anna's into Dawsons's Creek. i dunno why i'm not into Dawson's Creek - i guess maybe b/c it's know the stuff that happens in that show could very well happen to anyone. as for Charmed...well it's not the everyday life you live. i'm more into that...fantasy. ok moving on, Thursday night Anna slept over. i played Ouija board b/c Anna said she was gonna play w/ me but i played by was pretty slow...i mean it was trying to spell out something but i needed to close my eyes to concentrate and at the same time i wanted to see what it's spelling - dum dum...everytime i open my eyes it stops. i asked if Phoebe and Cole will get back together and it said 'yes' - yey! hehe. later on Anna played the board w/ me...she was pleased w/ the answers given to her but not me. i didn't like what it told's nothing bad...i was just expecting something else. oh yeah omg i can't believe that i actually made Anna taste the two things she despised! i'm talking about Ice Cream and Dr. Pepper...she hates 'em i made her a Dr. Pepper float. she liked it...she liked the ice cream, but she didn't know that it was Dr. Pepper and not RootBeer...she thought it was Rootbeer Float. when i told her what it really was, she was all happy b/c she liked it! haha cool! i'm so good! hehe. anyway, i woke up from Rein's voice...haha. she called Anna so early in the morning and i could hear her from the cellphone...she's loud - hehe jk Reins i whuv u! we went to the mall after that. the two of them made me so jealous b/c they bought face plates for their cell - darn i can't have lights on my jealous hehe...Anna's cell lights up so - as Lil from Rugrats would say it - Prettiful!...Reins had to leave early but Anna and I wanted to stay so we decided to watch The Tuxedo. it was alright i guess...sorta funny. i thought the concept of the story revolves around the tuxedo...not true...oops i don't wanna give away anything. the bloopers were funny tho! hehe. there were only few ppl watching. after the movie we went to Boarders - ahh i saw the 6th edition of Peach Girl...ahhh i want it. right when we went back to the mall when we decided to watch Sweet Home Alabama again! hehehe i really love that movie! i like that part when Jake (Josh Lucas)was smiling as he was going down the stairs to see Melanie (Reese Witherspoon)...
fave moments: when they kissed in the rain, they kissed in the pet's cemetary, when he was trying to piss her off, whenever Jake smiles,
fave quotes:* whenever you're planning to lock somebody out, make sure they don't know where the spare key is - Melanie
*There's this thing 'bout hidin' keys, if your wife told you where it was! - Jake
*I gave my heart away a long time whole heart...and i never really got it back - Melanie
*Nobody finds their soulmate at ten years old right?- Jake
*You were my first kiss Jake, and i want you to be my last - Melanie
*Why do you wanna marry me for anyhow? - So I could kiss you anytime i want...aww that's sooo cute!
aww...*sigh* i love the movie oh so much! it's something you'd wish it happened to you...right Anna? well yeah whatevers're married...both u and Reins are married. we ran into Mae and he sister Julie - well i ran into Julie literaly! hehe in the bathroom...i saw Mae there also. later on, Anna and I bought Ice Cream...sweetcream w/ pie crust. and blah blah that's what happened. this morning i went to class. omg it was so funny. well my day started out crappy! i was so tired i could hardly keep my eyes open! this guy came up and talked to me. he asked if he could be my friend...i was like ok. he asked if i have a bf i said 'yeah' w/out hesitating. i thought it would save him the burden of having to write down my #. haha so what i lied! it's not like he's gonna find out anyway, but he was nice tho. i don't wanna give away my cell # to anyone other than my friends anymore...i learned my lesson! guys just can't take no for an answer. anyway in class, my teacher hit my head twice! well first he asked me how many days i work on my hw, when i said 'two days' he hit my head. then when he asked what kind of grades i get at school (he knows i'm still in HS) i said A's, B's and C's - he tapped my head again b/c he said i should be getting all A's - haha yeah right! aww great he made me do my drawing all over again! anyway later on he made us sketch the shoe we picked out in 10 mins. he stood in front of me, looked at my drawing of the shoe and asked for my pencil - so i gave it to him. he raised his arm and his hand aiming for my head. i was like 'oh no don't hit my head again!' but he didn't! he was asking me to give him five! so i did...and he said 'great job' ... phew! hehe i thought he was gonna hit my head and mess up my hair again! haha. Anna came over to kick it and then we went to Tatak Filipino. i went there to buy the Rico Yan tribute vcd but then i saw Jeremiah's cd...and then Ding Dong's...ahh i couldn't choose which cd to buy - Anna was having the same problem also! but i was able to get both Ding Dong and Jeremiah's cd...Thanks Anna!!! i whuv so!!! oh yah my mom bought the Barbie Rapunzel movie! yey!'s cute i like it. i esp like her purple dress! i'm gonna ask my mom to have the same dress made for me to wear on my debut - also Princess Serena's dress - they're both so pretty...hmmm i could wear it to the prom! cool!...hehe. my mom also bought bsb black and blue cd...she didn't know that i have it already - i don't wanna tell her! aww i like it when my mommy bring me pasalubong! whoa this is a really long blog! dang i had alot to say! well ok...hhmm...hey Brian can't wait 'til u come back! it will make Anna so happy! ohh and we can have a ride again! yey! hehe that would make me and Dianne so happy! heheh jk!
PS: i forgot to greet Reins n Mark Happy Anniv! yah if yer readin' this Happy belated Anniv!!!

Wednesday, 10.02.02
11:02 pm
song: Suteki Da Ne - Rikki
quote: ...b/c unless you learn to trust yourself again, you'll never learn to trust me- Cole

omg need i say more about the quote? that's the line that made me cry - in addition to his expression when he said it! omg! how sooo sweet! i watched the episode again last about obsessed here! ok ok...i'm all settled now ready to talk about what happened today. Di and I went to Starbucks (of course i ordered my fave Vanilla Creme Fraps), we studied there but we also ended up chatting away. i wasn't able to focus - so was Di. one time i saw here reading her book then suddenly i saw her looking out the window. haha she caught me doing the same thing. i was looking outside and then she asked me if i was looking for a certain someone - lol Di! anyway, i was only able to add one line for the intro that i had ready for my essay and some brief ideas on what i should talk about - after being there for almost 3 hours! haha. i think it's pretty obvious what we did there. we talked about our essays for a while and then went on to another subject. i called Anna, and she told me something funny. so Di and I laughed about the joke on the way home. i kicked it at Anna's place for awhile. i tried getting on Anna's bunkbed (the upper one), but i had a hard time doing so! haha...the stool sorta help but i kept slipping when i tried to get up - almost fell too! then i had hard time getting down stupid me! oh and Reins and I had our debate. haha we are both so hard-headed. we didn't stop debating. i mean it started out w/ this one topic and it lead to another w/out getting anywhere. i mean, we didn't even resolve the issue! neither of us gave up.
so yeah anyway...i took the 'which Cole is for you' quiz and i got the lawyer! he's the dark and mysterious one! i wonder if there was the regular Cole - the sweet-romantic type lol.
Which Cole is for you?