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Monday, 09.30.02
1:56 am
mood: sleepy
song:"I Never Thought" by Asia 4 and Trish Thuy Trang
quote of d day: i gave my heart away a long time ago and i never really got it back - Sweet Home Alabama

my cousin Heide stopped by yesterday to chat. she recently ended her relationship w/ her on again and off again bf Paul, so maybe she thought the three of us could have a 'girl talk' or whatever haha. aww my mummie bought me my fave Vanilla Creme Fraps! hehe. omg Sat was fun fun fun! hehe. well it rained but that wasn't a downer yah know! i love rain! i like to sleep when it raining - the feeling is so nice and soothing. but anyway, Sat night my older cousin Tino stopped by and shared his new jokes. it was soo funny! hahaha. later that night Di picked me up so that we could watch Sweet Home Alabama. when i saw her, she was wearing the hat she bought last week! haha she laughed b/c i was wearing my hat also! her mom said that Di's been wanting it to rain so that she could have a reason to wear her hat! haha. she also mentioned Di driving w/ her hat on the other day, and she was having a hard time seeing lol. as soon as Di and I got out of the car, these three girls stared at us. they didn't take their eyes off of us. whoa! hahaha. we were walking towards the ticket booth, and there were some ppl passing by walking towards us - dude they stared also! while lining up for the ticket, yup all eyes were on us! Di and i got what we wanted. we both wanted to wear the hats on the day that we're gonna watch that movie. we just didn't know that we were gonna get attention. i was just telling Di that they're prolly looking at me cuz it's raining and my hat has hole's in 'em haha. omg the movie was sooo cute, funny, and amazing! this movie along w/ Kate and Leopold, and Serendipity, makes you believe that there really is such thing as fate. if you're really meant for that person then everything will go your way just so you two will end up together. in other situations also, it doesn't have to be relationship-wise, like for example meetin' up w/ someone you haven't seen for a long time on certain day or whatever. it's so cute and funny! after the movie, Di and I decided to get Frappucchinos. we thought it was close when we went inside, so we were hesitating to get closer to the counter. but then the guy said that they're open and that we're their last customer. then other ppl walked in - the guy quickly shooed them away saying that they're closed already. Di was ordering at that time and the guy shushed her hehe. i wasn't able to get my Vanila Creme b/c they put away the blender already! so i didn't know what to order. he asked me if i was into caramels and stuff, i said 'yeah', and he said he'll take care of it himself. so he ordered for me. i think he gave us a Grande but he charged it as Tall. oh well i'm not really sure. so anyway, the drink he ordered for me was good! too bad i didn't get to ask him what it was. i'll find out later. aww that was sweet of him letting us in tho they were suppose to be closed! hehe.
i was cleaning out my closet when i realized that it was time for Charmed. so i left the rest of my clothes on my bed - oh crap they're still on my bed! aww it's too late for me to fix 'em! me lazy! oh well i'll just put them aside for now! hehe. man i had tears in my eyes when Cole said the 'trust yourself' speech - even Phoebe's eyes were watery! and the ending? omg Cole i wanna keep you company!!! Cole is so determined to win her back, and he was willing to let her go w/ that guy Adam just to prove that he's not evil anymore. oh and i think Phoebe didn't wanna leave Cole's side, that's why she was reluctant to approach him. whoo hoo her heart's softening. man, you should've seen Cole's face when he was watching Phoebe leave w/ Adam *sniff*. i can't wait 'til they get back together so that they could finally have their happy ending - as oppposed to the title of last night's episode lol. not so 'Happily Ever After' for me tho. dude did u see Cole in his tux and new 'do? *smiles*. oh yah i came across this like last week but failed to mention here in my blog - also i just didn't want to believe it! well i just found out that Justin Timberlake is dating Alyssa Milano? for realz? i've read things about it online also - but i'm still quite not positive yet. oh oh and omg Freddie Prinze Jr. and Sarah Michelle Gellar! whoo hoo. yah they got married earlier this month which is so cool. why 'em i mentioning all these? i dunno i'm stil wide awake that's why! hehe. stupide ice cream...yah i think it's the ice cream talking here. i guess imma hit the hay now. bye byez

Saturday, 09.28.02
mood: sad - crying
song: "More Than You'll Ever Know" by Michael Ruff

*sniff* - i hate this harsh cruel cruel world! i know i will face it everyday but i can't. it's all too much to bare! i don't want to let go but i know sooner or later i will let go of the things i love. well i just found out that my baby jiffy could hardly see now - nearly blind or something. my mummie said that he bumps into stuff when he walks and also walks wearily. just thinking about it - it only kills me deep inside. my dog is old but i don't wanna lose him! i've lost too much already! i don't want him to leave me. he's not the happy doggie anymore! he currently resides w/ my grandma due to the fact that pets are not allowed in my apt. but man, i can't even think about life w/out him. i love him sooo much! when i'm down, his wagging tail cheers me up. when i was still in Anaheim, he would wake me up everymorning. but when he knows that i'm still sleeping, he just sleeps besides me and wait until i wake up. he's the smartest doggie ever! i know i cry all the time whenever my one of my dogs dies, but if i lose my jiffy, it's gonna hurt alot more. there this one time when he was pretending that his leg was broken. i mean he walked like he hurt it badly. my lola said he broke it so i cradled him in my arms. then i told my Tita Alice that he's hurt, so she babied him also. later on when my mom came, he greeted her and lifted his hurt leg to show that it was broken. so my mummie held him. then my Tita Alice yelled out "ok Jiffy let's go [downstairs]" and guess what? he was running around looking for his leash - all happy and excited! lol. after he got back from his walk, he was the hyper again. he just wanted some attention and he sure got it! and then this other time, i was holding my mom's porcelain baby doll. jiffy entered the room and so i showed it off. i said "look jiffy i have another baby! i have a dolly" he sniffed the doll and left the room. few seconds later guess what? he came into the room dragging his stuff toy elephant w/ him. haha. it's like saying "so? i have one too!". omg he's soo cute. *sniff* ok ok i don't wanna think about my doggie leaving me. it will only kill me more. i love him to death! he's my baby and i'm his big sister.

Saturday, 09.28.02
2:24 pm
song: "Think About You" by LFO
mood: wild n hyper
quote of the day: Dammit Phoebe, I Love You - Cole (Charmed)

i've been surfing Charmed sites and dl*ing past episodes. i even asked my friend to dl some episodes for me so it wouldn't take long for me to get the episodes i want - he said he'll dl it as long as i don't move to Canada and that i have to finish my last year in Marshall. awww how so sweet! *hehe*. anywayz, this past week, aside from dl*ing Charmed stuff, i didn't do anything but nap and eat junk foods. i haven't had anything decent to eat - mostly b/c i was pigging out on Ice Cream and Toffee chocolates hehe. yup yup they're in my tummy. oh yeah i told my mom to buy me the Oct. issue of Cosmo Girl b/c Nick's on the cover. when she got home, she said she didn't find it but she found Justin's mag. i knew she was lying b/c when she took out the mag, she was only showing me the back cover and not the front. so i said that she was a bad liar haha. oh yah last night i was so pissed off - like totally! ok look here's what happened before i got ticked off. a couple of days ago my ex(this cute mog denotes his indentity to others) was bugging me online asking me to vote for him for the the senior faves as "mr. won't shut up". he was getting on my nerves so i thought i'd mess around a little. i told him that i will vote for him only if he promise to leave me alone forever. but hell - bad idea! he made alotta nonsense after that, saying bs crap! i got really annoyed. then last night i found out that he told my friend about the so called negotiation. as if! i was just playin' around! he didn't have to broadcast it to the whole world that i was making a big deal about it! he made it seem like i was serious about it too! whoa - if he doesn't leave me alone forever, he's not gonna get my vote! whooaa scary! hah! my a$$...sorry but that was so fawkin' stupid! i mean what the hell was that all about?!?! if his intention was to freak'n annoy me - well then it's working. if it's to make me hate him - whoa! he's winning! i don't give a damn! dude i don't want to seem mean but i've had it! he went over the line. what more does he want?
anyway! on the brighter side, i was able to go to class today even though i slept at 2 am - wait, ok technically i didn't sleep (maybe 30 mins or something) haha maybe that's why my eyes are sore. i can't keep my eyelids up. i'm gonna need a tape to keep 'em wide open! hehe. but yah my prof let me turn in my hw even tho it's late. hey dude it's winter ahhh. cold time again. aww...wasn't it like just last week when we had that heatwave? what's up w/ this weather man! well i guess i'm gonna bounce outta here. imma blog later one. ight laterz. i think imma take a nap before i go out tonight so that i won't fall asleep right in the middle of the movie! hehe. oh btw, someone really needs to slap Damian. can someone please punch him or something to knock some senses into him? lol

Wednesday, 09.25.02
1:00 am
song: "Work it" by Nelly Feat. Justin Timberlake
mood: whatever

i like Canada! i wanna go back there again. my cousin called me yesterday on my cell (doode 30 mins!), and she started talking about coming here. i said that i might visit her there in Calgary next month. i wanna live there since i could care less about living here in LA. Anna and Reins getting their own apartment!?!?! noo! u said u'll share w/ me! oh wait, u guys only want me to live w/ u guys so that u'll have a driver eh? oh no wait...i dunno what i'm talking about. awe man, i don't wanna have to drive there every i dunno when! can't u guys atleast wait until i go to SMC? so that when i don't feel like drivin' home or i need a place to kick it before class i could just kick it at ur place haha! oh wait i dunno the other ppl u'll be sharing the apt w/ so um i dunno if i'm gonna be welcome all the time. in Canada i'll be w/ my cousin. she'll take care of me - she's my big sister oh and i'm gonna have a big brother w/ me too - her bf. i'll be spending time w/ my niece Alyssa - when she comes back from the Pinas and my lil cousins. there is an advantage to it. my Tita won't have to look far for a babysitter b/c i'll be happy to do it! the downside? hmmm...well my mummie could always live w/ me...tho i don't think she'll favor driving in icy roads and the cold weather - come to think of it - i agree w/ her. oh well - atleast i have a family there. not like here - my family's scattered around the US.
doode, i can't believe Anna and Reins are backing out on our plan. Di and I want to go to CityWalk to show off our new *cute* outfits plus the HATS. n besides i really want to watch Sweet Home Alabama. but *sigh* i understand. i'll just look for someone else. hhhmmm, i dunno if it's a coincidence but how come whenever i pick the movie, we don't end up watching it. but if someone else suggests the movie - we get to see it. but then again, whenever Di's couz choose the movie - we don't get to see it either lol. oh well, this time no one is gonna stop me from watching Sweet Home Alabama and Harry Potter. i'm sure i can find ppl to go w/.

Monday, 09.23.02
10:00 pm
song: "lalalala" by me!
mood: hungry

i'm hungry. i'm just waiting for my mummie to come home w/ Jack in the Box...i'm hungry and tired - not a good combination! i'm cranky - i didn't get my nap! blah blah blah. i should get out of this chair and start doing something...but i'm just too damn lazy! oh yah what is up w/ Damian - he needs to get a life...he is ssooo annoying! ppl like him should grow up! my mummie just called, she's bringing home The Crazy Chicken...ugh i hate my annoying neighbors! my window is dirty and sticky b/c of them! they are soooo freak'n noisy! why can't just hang out somewhere not close to my window! i can't believe they took pix of me and my friend while we were out in the balcony. how...dumb! and it really annoys me when they keep pressing the buzzer and then run away. hah don't they know that i can see them from the balcony? ugh! i'm still hungry and cranky! i need my vanilla creme fraps, and maybe pizza.

Monday, 09.23.02
12:53 am
song: "I'll Remember You" by Atlantic Star
mood: witchy

well i just found out that i'll be taking SAT II at Belmont High! darn it! i wanted to take it at Marshall. i guess it's meant to be. i mean it's about time i see my friends there. i don't get it, why do i have to take it at Belmont? last time when i took SAT I i took it at Marshall!
i hate myself. i really hate myself. i missed out on alot of things going on around my friends at Belmont! i hurt few ppl and i lost their friendship as well! i regret it. i wish i could turn back time and do it all over again. i wish i could gain back my friendship w/ Sandra, Ismael, Sheleena, George and Hilda. it's not like i didn't try to keep in touch w/ them. i did, but i guess it wasn't enough. i am soo thankful for being at Marshall and meeting my friends...but i'd do anything to gain back my old friends. i really wanted to go to Belmont. if i did, maybe one of my friend's life wouldn't have been messed up. i dunno if did but it sure seemed like it. i don't mean to hurt ppl intentionally. i hate myself for ruining everything!
i miss those days in Jr. High. i miss acting crazy w/ Sandra, making fun of John V., John's comebacks, talking nonstop about Sailor Moon w/ Carmen, and i miss the times when Madonna, Sandra, Rosa and I would call John "alien" and in return he used to call me "sailor moon's child" - when he's just being weird and "witch" - for being called "alien". i miss Mark and Dexter giving me a noogie and messing up my hair, Sean and Carlos teasing me, and Ismael and George constantly bugging me in class. they're the sweetest guys. i miss sandra most of all.
i hate hurting ppl. i hate to see them hurt, and i am sooo sorry to those ppl i did hurt. to sandra, i don't even know what's going on in her life right now. i hate the fact that i'm not there w/ her, and not knowing what she's feeling. if i have a chance to talk to this one guy again, i would like to apologize to him. i'm so sorry for hurting him. i never realized the things i put him through until now. i never meant to hurt him. i wish i could change things...if i could i would. i would go back in time and change everything. i don't wanna risk losing them again. i just wish i could've told them how much they mean to me and how much i love them soo much. i'd do anything to have them back in my life again. someday, i will have the guts to tell him exactly how i feel before it's too late...i think it might be too late. but this time i'm not gonna risk them going away w/out knowing how i really feel about them. i'll see you again, and this time i won't let go - only if i have to.
well i'm soo glad and thankful to those ppl who stood by me through it all. esp those who chose me over other ppl - it shows that you really are my friend for staying by my side...u know who u are. oh and to some certain ppl...don't think i'm gonna do this? but i am - i'm making u guys's time i know if u really are my friends.
[note 2 anna] hush u were drunk lol...that's what Reins told me. ps - so i missed the chance of going to Big Bear w/ u but we're going there aren't we? on our winter break right? we better go! and guess what? i will also bring my baby there! i just hope they allow pets - haha jk. no seriously i will bring my honey there too! hahaha *winkz*... no wait i can't, that would make Di feel left out! that's ok she can bring her boo along too. hehe...u know what? can't we GIRLS go and not bring any guys???...nah too impossible! i'm sure u guys would wanna bring ur hunnies there since it's - and i quote Anna "...romantic..." there. haha

Sunday, 09.22.02
11:47 pm
song: "Blame It On The Weatherman" by B*Witched
mood: sad

listening to songs puts me in the mood to blog! hehe. so anyway i'm sooo sad. i was just watching Charmed, and i can't believe Phoebe is leaving Cole even though she still loves him. dude, Cole's such a nice guy. he is the kind of guy who's willing to do anything and give up anything for her. "Blame It On The Weatherman" was playing in the background...and it got me...hit me pretty bad. *sniff* eyes were watery. i mean i almost cried when they vanquished Cole in the last season too. hey the right music does work in setting the mood. sure worked for me! i guess the writers are just following the story line, since the episode where the three sisters found out about their future already aired back when Prue was still in the show.
ok let's change the subject. today i went to the mall w/ my mummie. i was suppose to help her pick out an outfit since i know the mall so'd be faster knowing where to get the clothes. but we didn't find anything, instead, she ended up buying me FF8's soundtrack and Vanilla Cremé Fraps. heheh. that's why she doesn't like it when i go shopping w/ her...because i buy a lot of stuff. but i love shopping w/ her! hehehe.

Saturday, 09.21.02
6:01 pm
song: "Crossroads" by Bone-Thugs-N-Harmony
mood: beat

omg i can't believe i overslept! i missed my class today! that sucks!!! i worked so hard on my hw too! aahhhhh!!! i'm soo tired. i went to the mall w/ Di. i was planning to buy the FF8 cd since i had enough money...but guess what? Di and I went to Robinson's May b/c there was a Shoe Sale. i saw this cute heels. it was 40 bucks - i wasn't gonna buy it. but gosh it was soooo cute! it would match with any of my outfits. besides, Di said there was gonna be a %15 off. she said it's gonna be worth it b/c it used to be 70 bucks and it became 40 bucks - and it was Steve Madden. so i bought it but it was $50! ahhh...Di was suppose to buy shoes not me!!! but i ended up buying a pair. She bought her shoes at the Skechers store. then she took me to Charlotte Russe...she bought a hat, and guess what? i ended up buying one too! the hat is soo cute! i like it! it's the hand knitted kind. then we went home. i told Di that my mom's gonna get mad b/c of the shoes and she's gonna say something about my hat - i was right. she said that exact same thing i was expecting her to say. i told Di that my mom's gonna say what's the point of wearing a hat when it has holes in 'em...well she said something similar to that. she was playing around tho. she also said that if it rains my head's gonna get wet haha. i showed her my shoes and told her the price - alright! she didn't get mad at me! hehehe.

Saturday, 09.21.02
12:19 am
song: "If Ever" by 3rd Storee
mood: hungry

omg i can't believe that i missed the opportunity to go to Big Bear!!! ahhh...i could've been there to see Anna drunk! aww Reins and i could've been laughing all night. aww man!!! that sux! haha sorry Anna. i heard u over the phone...and u sounded drunk! doode...mixing beer w/ soda ain't good u know! hahaha...i know so... but yah. she's drunk and she only had one beer...haha. i tasted beer before, but it was light beer - and hey that was when i was in Canada...i just wanted to try their but anyway, Reins - i hope you took a pic of her! i hope you guys brought camcorders! i really want to see her face - her reaction and all. hahah that's soo funny! i never would've guessed it! Anna? gettin' drunk? haha jk...but i mean i wonder how she's acting right now. poor Rein's...she has to deal w/ Anna all by herself!...i want chocolate milk right now...ok gtg make myself Ovaltine. bye bye
ps thnx Vic!!! you're such a nice friend!!!

Thursday, 09.19.02
11:07 pm
song: "Why I Love You" by B2k
mood: nervous

why 'em i nervous...i don't know it's me i guess...i'm weird like that. i don't really feel nervous - i just have butteflies in my tummy and they won't go away! oh yah i forgot to mention that i saw "Newsies" yesterday. a friend of mine told me about it - she loves that movie - so i thought what heck, might as well check it out since i've heard good things about it. it was ok i guess. hhhmmm...i wonder why she liked that movie...maybe because the cast are all boys! haha. so yah...i sorta finished my art hw today - finally! oh Monday i played FF8, yah i'm still haven't finished the whole game yet even though i already know the end. lol...hehe. i still wanna finish it by myself. man oh man...Squall's such a sweet guy! he was this cold person and when Rinoa came into his life - he became the romantic guy! hahaha...yah so i like that guy. his personality is awesome right Reina? we both agree - even though he's not real. i also need to finish ff10 - if only Seymore weren't so stubborn - i could've finish the game by now!
i just finished watching Tabing i feel so bad for James! stupid George! how could you! well Kenji is hot...but that's not a good reason to like him while u still have a bf!!! tsk tsk. in a way i was happy b/c i want James and Anne to get back together but i know THAT will never happen...i dunno why but Anna said so. lol and besides they are not being paired up anymore. oh and i'm sick and tired of Rovic and Eds. gosh! can't they just stay together!!! stop this stupid nonsense!!! arrrhh...stupid Eds! they're either on or off...annoying! how are they gonna end Tabing Ilog...they always have the same stories over and over again.
i'm jealous Anna! i wanna go to Big Bear w/ u and Reins!!! i wanna see Bears too! so funny. but nooo...lucky me! i get to go to school on a Saturday! *sarcasm* . someday it will be all worth it...everything will be worth it! all my hardwork...everyday i'm stressin'...they will be paid off someday!!! and i can't wait for that day! so Anna, when are you gonna give me Clint's #? i mean who knows it might really be Clint and he's just using a fake name as a disguised! we'll see. don't worry when i get to know him, and if he introduce me to his bros...and it's really them well - i'll be selfish and keep it to myself - i won't tell u! haha jk! i wouldn't do that.
i really hope the butterflies goes away in the morning.

Thursday, 09.19.02
12:56 am
song: "Do You Remember" by Aaron Carter
mood: stress
quote: No angel, just an ordinary man - Nick Carter

i wasn't planning on blogging today but i just drank two cans of coke n doode i'm still wide awake - tired but wide awake! so yah what have i been doing. on the 16th i woke up 12:00nn just to watch TRL to catch Nick's new vid because my direct tv is on eastern time. but silly me, i thought his vid was gonna be on TRL but it was actually on Making The Video! haha. so as soon as i found out that i still have an hour 'til it's on, i took a quick shower. it's not like i was getting ready to watch Nick and omg he was soo cute! aw man! he was in LA on Aug 28th! aahhh...where was i? oh yah i was at school for my AP meeting! *sniff* i could've been there to see him! haha yah right! the vid was good and all but the transitions at the beginning of the vid was pretty annoying tho! it's like ahh stop it w/ the boxes!!! hehe i wanna focus on his face! lol...haha i'm crazy. anyway, well the whole week i was stressin' on finishing my drawing hw and my english hws! yes HomeWorkS! emphasize on the S here! there are more than one hw due in two weeks! well, i have to write an essay comparing 1984 and Brave New World. also, i have to do a short form on 1984. i haven't even finished that darn book. oh and i have to read Genesis and Exodus! they're all due next month! gosh darn it! i have to do a long form on Genesis and Exodus...but i hate long forms!! esp when u can't find the symbols and themes!!! aaarrrrhhhh...see i'm really stressed!!! i need a ME time...i can't even find time for myself w/ out having to worry about other things and other ppl! *not my friends...i don't mind if they bug me all the time lol! haha you guys have my permission!* those certain ppl that you just can't say no to but u have to. i hate turning ppl down but what can i do? i can't force myself right? man when will this stop! so many things on my mind and they won't go away! i don't even know what my priority is anymore. what's on top of my list?
omg it's so hard keeping up w/ things nowadays. i missed Nick on KIIS fm yesterday! whack man!
well on the 17th Wade celebrated his 20th bday! omg he's 20 and he accomplished a lot for his age. oh and happy bday to Angie also! big shout out to yah! thank you so much for everything. you know for being there for me during those times. thanks to you and Jeff...u guys made it easier for me to go through it, thanks for listening to me and for understanding!!!
oh yeah big shout out to my daily readers! hehe you guys know who u are. the ppl who reads my blog! keeping urselves updated and stuff haha! it's like u're so interested in what i do each day...haha that's funny. well thank you! *smilez* imma keep this interesting for you guys...isn't this like a mini series of my life? lol
i forgot to add my HAPPY ANNIV greeting to Anna and Brian b/c Reins gave a shout out so imma do it too! haha. well Anna and Bri keeping strong you guys. and Anna...i've never seen you like this you know? u're so happy. i'm glad. well don't give up. don't let anything stand in the way. know ur priorities (which is each other)...and blah blah i don't wanna cry! haha. i don't really wanna steal Rein's idea of greeting you guys and making a speech and all! i just wanted to give a shout out that's all and so imma shut up now b/c i'm going on and on and on...all night long...oops i over did it! haha. omg i'm soo hyper right now! i should get some sleep! but i can't!!! i'm wide awake. oh wait, another shout out...hehe. one more! wait two more. ok here goes.
Reins, be strong. i may not know exactly what you're going through or what's going on in ur life right now, but i know what you're feeling. *from your blogs and the way you didn't want to go to class* well just calm down. don't try to think too much. if you really can't take it anymore, and you can't be tough then you know who's here fer yah ight?
Vic! darn it, stop bringing me down w/ ur depression! haha. well i know u're heartbroken and all but u will get through it ok? i mean dying is not a way to solve it. shoot i really should take my own advice lol. i give advice and i don't even follow 'em...yah stupid me but get back to you - doode you will survive ok? there are tons of girls out there! be patient you'll find the one. it's not that i'm tired of listening to ur complaints about girls, well u know that i am here to listen - just don't say ALL GIRLS ARE THE SAME ok! they are not! it's like me saying ALL GUYS ARE PERV! - well it's true but that's out of the subject here. i think you know what i mean if i were to say the most common stereotype on guys...hahaha...sorry. well u know where to reach me if u want to talk
ok enough w/ the shout outs! man, it's so hard to go through life w/ constant thoughts weighing on your mind. you try so hard to keep it at the back of your head but you can't. yah i know that feeling. i'm trying soo hard to enjoy myself before i go back to school...but how can i? i have a lot of things to do. the first week of break was kickback for me, but now it's stress time until i go back to school. but when i go back to school what 'em i gonna do? i can't face school - esp now! how can i go to school and pretend i don't know anything? it's so hard to pretend. it's so hard when you're hiding something and then suddenly it comes out. an awkward feeling. well i guess i'll end this now before i go on and on again. blog back later....heheh get it? lol

Monday, 09.16.02
12:33 am
mood: cranky
song: "Forever" by Dave Hollister

omg! can u believe i woke up at 3:30 in the afternoon yesterday? haha. Anna even called me...i think! haha. i was still sleeping when my mom gave me the phone she just woke me up! hahaha...i was just mumbling stuff on the phone. then when i woke up i had to go straight to the bathroom to take a shower b/c we had to be at Rein's place by 4. i didn't even get to eat! but as soon as we arrived at Rein's place, i didn't hesitate to take Rein's offer to grab something to eat. i kept eating until some of our friends started arriving. we kicked it for awhile. we watched "Forevermore" starring Khristine Hermosa and Jericho Rosales...haha Ria made fun of them when they said "i love you" to each other. she said "iloveu's" are just for movies...oh and we watched part of "panaginip". we got home around 10:30. Mark, Reina's bf gave us a ride.
aww "Forever" is such a nice song. hey Anna! remember that's gonna be my wedding song! haha...well for now 'cuz i'm sure there'll be other songs later on. "from this day, i must. this day i trust. from this day i will, from this i feel...forever and ever...through good and bad weather. our love will remain even though the seasons may change" hehe
oh yah i forgot to mention that i saw "John Q." a nice movie! i mean John was willing to die to give his heart to his dying son. i was in awe! that was so sweet! i'd do the same thing if that was my son even though i hate pain...if it's for someone i love then yes i would do that also. *sniff*

Sunday, 09.15.02
3:08 am
mood: sleepy
song: "When You're In Love With Someone" by Billy Crawford

whoa i'm still awake? ok i'm not completely awake... partly umm..asleep! hehe. well i can't sleep 'cuz i just ate, so i'm sorta full. i'm just killing time. anyway, what a day. first, Sat. - i went to school. my professor didn't make us stay for four hours 'cuz he was sick. so our class was only 2 hours. AWESOME! hehe. well yah, i didn't get to finish my hw b/c i thought our hw was just to practice the work. little did i know that he was going to check it. i panicked when he wanted everyone to show him what we did. so i did my hw in class while he was checkin' other ppl's work. i am such a dummie. i never showed it to him anyway. haha. Stoopid haha...all that work for nothing. oh well. so yeah...ummm...what else. oh yeah my sprint's ringtones were there were only few choices. some ringers doesn't even sound like the real song - unlike nokia's dl*s. well guess what my ringtone is? hehe "As Long As You Love Me" of course! hhmm wait a minute...come to think of it, my old cellphone's ringtone was "As Long As You Love Me" also before it was stolen. oh no! i ain't gonna lose this one! no no no! anyway, i was editing my music videos while waiting for my mom to pick me up so that she could take me to Starbucks and buy my Vanilla Cremé Fraps when Di called me. she asked me to go out w/ her and her couz. she also called Anna. i was still able to get my Fraps...hehe...i called Anna and asked her if she wanted anything...yah! haha she wanted Caramel Fraps w/ whipped cream. after that my mom dropped me off at Anna's place. Di and her couz picked us up, then we went to Jewel City to look for his friend, but his friend wasn't there so we went to his place to wait. we watched some of "Meet The Parents" then went to pick up Di's couz's friend. Di wanted to watch "Swimfan" but her couz wanted to watch "Barbershop"...but anyway we didn't get there on time to see either one. so we went bowling instead. at first i was ahead of everyone but then at the end of the game - guess who lost! me! that sucks. but i was Second Place in the second game! haha whoa! Di's luck wore out! she lost! hahaha. Reina n her bf Mark dropped by to say Hi. oh yeah HAPPY BDAY REINS! later we drove around Glendale trying to find a place to eat. oh dang, i thought i just heard something in the kitchen. oh yeah so we went to Sanams to eat duh! so yah i came home around 3 am. cool, the last time i stayed out this late was when i went out w/ Ria, RJ, Anna and Di - the time we saw "Road To Perdition." right now i'm chatting w/ Anna. hehe. durh! it's not like i didn't see her a couple mins ago. well now she's depressed. last night i was sad 'cuz my friend was depressed so he brought me down w/ him...n i think i brought Anna down w/ me! haha sorry! doode! it's almost four! i should be sleeping! hey wait a min...i could hardly keep my eyes open earlier...why 'em i so wide awake now? i had fun yesterday! fun fun! hehe. i get to stay out late n the cool thing is - my mom's cool w/ it. she ain't mad. she just called my cell like 15 mins ago thinking i was still out...hehe. oh yeah i'm going to Reina's today to celebrate her bday. wonder who else is coming. welps can't wait. haha Anna's buggin' me right now...about well she knows...she doesn't know that i'm avoiding the question. lol too bad she can't read this blog yet. her comp tends to freeze whenever she visit this site because of my background music. hhmmm should i change my music? i love the song...or should i let my pal read my blog n get rid of the song...hmm...Anna, can u wait instead? hehe...i'll look for another song then you can view this page w/out problems. imma go now. i'm starting to freak out here. hehe. ight bye bye.

Friday, 09.13.02
7:32 pm
mood: agitated
song: "Walk On By" by Britney Spears

well i just got back from the art store. i bought my art supplies. i never knew shopping for art supplies could be fun. well yah, omg i was suppose to go to school to play ball w/ JJ and then go to her church. dang i feel so bad! i promised that i'd go but i didn't. i didn't know that my mom was gonna be late picking me up. ahhh crap i have a tummy ache...there must've been somethin' in the burrito. oh well. awe man i don't want to go to school tomorrow...haha omg it's just my 2nd day. well i guess i better start drawing. can u believe that? my hw is to keep drawing in my sketchbook! haha i love it! i love drawing! i'll blog later when i have the time. you know what i'm craving for? Vanilla Cremé Frappuchino! yyuummm...hehe. bye bye for now.

Friday, 09.13.02
1:42 am
song: "I'm Just A Kid" by Simple Plan
quote: "I'll be waiting for you. If you come here, you'll find me. I promise."Squall

well okie dokie here i am again bloggin'...*sigh* yesterday was tiring. my legs hurts!!! i was hyper and totally out of it while Anna and I were at the mall. we went to Bank Of America first so that she could make a deposit. she said she only want to use this one machine b/c she can't reach the others...hehe...hhmm so yeah today i was tryin' to find out how i walk. do i really have a distinct way of walking? few ppl said yeah. dude how? do i walk? Anna said i walk as if i'm floating on air or something. geez golly for realz? i never noticed. haha. anyway...we didn't get to sit down during the whole bus ride, yah it sucks but in a way it's all good right Anna? hehe. i was so hyper later on. the first store we went to was Kaybee. i saw the Tommy Doll and some Kelly Dolls. i couldn't decide which one to buy. it took me awhile! hehe sorry Anna. but i chose to buy two kelly dolls. oh i found out that there's a new Barbie movie "Rapunzel" hehe yey i'm gonna buy it, just like i bought "The Nutcracker Prince". hey it's a pretty cute movie. what can i say? i'm still a kid! haha. so then we went to Hallmart. i was walking and i accidentally hit one of the salesgirl sitting down...hehe...i was playing w/ my plastic bag that's why. haha. that was soo funny. anyway...Anna saw this card that said:"Don't You Like Those Cards w/ Monkeys and Party Hats?" and when u open the card, there's a mirror shaped like a haha it was hilarious...'cuz the card's trying to say you look like a monkey. so yeah. i bought Aaron Carter's new cd "Another Earthquake". not a lot of rap song in there was also a preview of Nick's new album but i already heard the songs...ahh the advantage of the internet - you can dl songs! hehe. Aaron sound so much like his big bro. we walked around for hours...dang my feet hurts until now. oh yeah we ate at Panda. Anna and i switched our fortune cookies because i got the fortune that was suppose to be for her and she got the one that was suppose to be for me. her fortune said : "a romantic mystery will add interest to your life"...well she doesn't need it b/c she's has her LUVS like i said we switched. mine was "your dearest wish will come true". and then we went to The Pencil CLub. Anna showed me the soundtrack for FF8! i almost cried 'cuz if i hadn't bought the stuff, i could've had the money to buy it! darn it! i really want it! that sucks!. yeah and Anna didn't make it easier for me! *hehe* she just made fun of me. i forced her to get out the store so i wouldn't feel so sad. ohh! i'm as old as Rinoa now! haha i know that came out of nowhere. and then we went home. nothing interesting to add... gee i'm the only one left online. awww...i still gotta buy supplies for my class tomorrow...ugh...this sucks...ahh crap...i need to do my drawing hw haha...dang, it's the third week already! nooo...i want the time to stand still!!!
"I don't want the future. I want the present to stand still. I just want to stay here with you..." Rinoa
yup you said it Rinoa! well i can't wait til Rein's party...too bad Di can't come. it's not complete w/out you Di!!! please re-consider! i really should go to sleep now. well i guess so. geez don't tell me Anna went to sleep, she just woke up 2 hours ago! she didn't even say goodbye! *sniff*...i guess she's not coming back. i'm outtie then. blog more later.
leav'n my mark *muah*

Thursday, 09.12.02
1:57 am
mood: silly
quote: you're going to like're going to like me - Rinoa

back again. geez i really don't have a life huh? haha jk. i really like these blogs. well today - i mean yesterday i fixed up Anna's blog site, and i'm currently working on Reina's. silly me, instead of working on my HW, i'm doing this haha oh well. let's see, crap! i need to call sprint customer care to get the downloads for my phone. i saw donald! whoo hoo! i'm gonna use him for my screen saver oh and i found the lilo and stitch game! yey i'm gonna download that too. Reins is starting to get into animes b/c of my influence. i influenced most of my friends into animes haha. we both think Squall from FF8 is really hot! haha. i told her that there was this guy who dressed up as Squall at school on halloween last year. too bad Reins you missed it. speaking of HOT, man it's soo hot right now! stupid heatwave! oh wait that's not what i was going to talk about. oh yeah, well today i was browsing around my old videos and i saw this awards show (i dunno which award show) but this was back in 99. i saw the performance of the Meaty Cheesy Boys. back then i didn't know Wade, so i didn't know that he was one of the MCB. as soon as i found out, i went to look for their songs to dl. haha it's soo cute. in the commercial for Jack In the Box, where Wade has the cowbow hat on and playing the guitar - i practically jumped off my seat b/c i recognized him! whoa. oh i forgot to mention i drew a portrait of myself wearing my cap and gown. it actually looks like me! yey! i can draw real ppl now not just animes! ok gimme me something to rant about...obviously nothing. life...yeah it's something ain't it? one day you're on top of the world, the next - it's something u wouldn't expect. a merry-go-round.

Wednesday, 09.11.02
1:39 am
song: "Always In My Heart" by The Moffats
mood: sad's been a year since the 9/11 incident. it seemed like it wasn't long ago when someone woke up me 9 am just to find out that the twin towers were on fire. sad...yeah...esp if you think of those ppl jumping...n their families...the babies born - they didn't even get the chance to see their's too sad...i don't wanna think about it. oh yeah i found this online, read it it's freaky!
One of the planes flight numbers that hit one of the twin towers, was QU33NY. In Microsoft Word, type in that flight number. Enlarge the font size to 26. Then change the font to Wingdings and see what happens.
well anyway, let's change the subject. yesterday i woke up at 2 pm as usual. took a shower and chatted online. i watched "whose line...", "being eve" "daria" and "smallville" - i never miss these shows! haha. for brunch i ate the leftover pizza and yogurts.hmm, i can't wait to take pics. i really want to wear the new outfit i bought just for that day.i'm eating yogurt right now...hhmmm..yuumm..hehe. dang, i still can't figure out my phone. how 'em i suppose to send text to other phone w/out having to use the internet! but i like it...just don't wanna tell my mom that it's stressin' me...Anna and Reins wanted me to go to Santa Monica w/ them...i know what their reason is...haha and i'm ok with it! i know my reason also! lol hehe. well i guess i'll blog more later. bye bye.

Tuesday, 09.10.02
1:36 am
song: "Heaven(Slow Version)" by DJ Sammy
mood: sleepy

back again. i'm a little sleepy, but i'm downloading something so i might as well wait. JJ's checking out my site b/c of her pics! hehe. she likes to look at her pics! j/k JJ! i'm bored...i dunno if i should go to santa monica w/ Anna and Reina. Reins wants me to go but i'll be waiting for them all alone there...she said i could just sit in the class but nah! haha...i'm not that desperate. that class might be boring. i'll bug someone like DI - to go w/ me. i really should start reading my book...oops lemme say that again...i SHOULD start reading my BOOKS! i have 3 books to finish, and 2 books to look over (for review), i'm taking SAT II next month...and i have tons of HW for AP:Lit...ahhh "so little time, so much to do!" sometimes i just want to lie down on the grass n look up at the stars...n think things through to ease my mind.

Monday, 09.09.02
10:45 pm
song: "Help Me" by Nick Carter
mood: whatever

sooo, what 'em i gonna say now? well right now i'm listening to Nick's song! omg i can't believe he's doing a solo album! the songs are awesome - i love 'em - not because they're Nick's! he's really talented! i can't wait for the album next month! oh and FYI - Wade Robson is also making an album. it might come out sometime next year. hmm oh oh! Brian Littrell is expecting a baby this year! awww...a baby backstreet cutie! haha.
ok enuff about that...what did i do today? i woke up at 2 - considering the fact that i slept at 4am so it's koo. and then i watched 24/7 and Daria. later in the afternoon i dl*ed Nick's songs, and his pics also! dayum you should see him now! he's such a hottie! oh and my mumie bought me "Return to Neverland" hehe...and that pretty much sums it all up! i mean that sums up what i did today.

the pic above was taken on 08.04.02 - the taping of Teen Choice Awards where i saw him.