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hey there! a whole new layout! i got tired of the small chromeless one 'cuz of the small when i found this layout i just had to use it 'cuz i love ff8! and rinoa's my fave char...

song: "Get Away" by Avant
phrase: whoo hoo
mood: whatever

hhmmm...where do i begin???ok let's start w/ Friday 09.06.02 - i didn't feel like going out that day but Dianne made me so i went out w/ her and her cousin. dang i forgot Di mentioned before that her cousin likes to wasn't bad...i like living on the fast lane - yeah right! i'm just kiddin' ya'll. anyway, the three of us were suppose to watch FEAR.COM but we didn't make it on time for the last showing, so we decided to go bowling instead. we also waited for his(Di's couz) friends. we just drove around glendale for about two hours thinking of a place to go. finally we went to JEWEL go bowling - durrh. while Di and I were walking, a car stopped next to me and the guys inside the car said HI to me...i just stood there...confused b/c i didn't know who they were. i waved and said hi anyway! haha i didn't want them to think i was conceited!then i realized that one of the guys looked was Mark. inside, we met up w/ Mark, Marlon, and some other guys. the girl w/ us kept asking me if i know Mark and his friends, i said yeah. hehe, maybe she likes him or something. we left JEWEL CITY b/c the waiting list was too long, n we didn't want to wait. we went to another bowling place, but it was closed. Di's cousin and his friends wanted to eat at IN N we picked up this guy from his house, and the six of us went to IN N OUT. i didn't eat much...few bites from my burger and ate all my fries. hhmmm...and they brought me back home. ok now Saturday, 09.07.02 - i went to school, at LACC, for my drawing class at 8:00 in the morning! ugh! but i like that class. i saw Rhea, Princess's cousin, during my 10 mins break. she bought coffee at the vending machine. i made her buy one so that i'd know how the vending machine works! haha stupid me! after my class was over, i bought a coffee myself. i drank it while waiting for my mom to pick me up, but stupid fly took a dive right into my coffee! eewww...well i got my phone that day! and i was sooo happy. yey! later in the afternoon, we went to CostCo to buy toys for Tito Arnold's kids. my mom bought me a barbie! hehe...she's the asian chick one - she's pretty!- she represents me! haha...and the kelly doll that comes along, she's asian too! so she's mini me! hehehe, yeah i'm weird like that. we went to party later that day. it was Nat's Dad's bday party. and omg listen to this...there was a striper there!'s another thing....guess who HIRED the stripper??? HIS OWN WIFE! omg i wouldn't hire a girl to strip for my hubby! hell no! all the guys (married and single) were upstairs while the wives, girlfriends, and kids stayed downstairs. the wives wanted to see what was going on...but every time they knock, the husbands hide and the stripper stops - well that's what i heard. anyway, it was time to blow the candles...the kids had to stay in the living room while the grown ups were in the kitchen. haha i stayed in the living room w/ the come the kids weren't allowed in the kitchen w/ the grown-ups? because the cake was the shape of a woman's chest! - the nipples were raisins...haha...the girl gave me that part of the here's another funny part...the kids get to eat the cake also right - of course. well one of the kids said "hhmm...this boob-shaped cake tastes good" lmao! hahahaha...omg...that was hilarious!

hhhmmm...soo where do i start? lemme see...oh yeah yesterday i went w/ reina and anna to smc (santa monica college) just to kick it. i wanted to see how that school looks like. anna and i just roamed around the campus waiting for reina to finish her class. darn...i went to see clint but he wasn't there. btw...i don't think smc likes me...cuz it rained! haha. later on we met up w/ reina and stayed in the cafeteria to wait for our ride. reina bought me the gummi peaches candy to make me happy and she bought anna caramel frappuchino to put a smile on her face - well yup - the result? - we were hyper. anna was just smiling for no reason...and reina was going crazy. when anna was on the phone w/ her bro, she kept saying "can you hear me now?" while her brother was doubting that it was his sister he was talking to. as for reina, when she was talking to princess, she said out loud "yeah and baby ana's here hunting for guys"...what a stooge!...haha she scared away the guys in front of us. oh and anna slept over also. we were thinking of playing the quija board but anna was scared cuz she said that there's a ghost here! yah right...haha. so yeah, we stayed up late watching "the new guy" and this filipino show called "k2bŁ"...we also listened to some songs. what else happened....lemme think...anna kept complaining that she hasn't received any email from her LUVS yet...*smiles*. geez, anna and reina emailed their MAHAL and LUVS as soon as the saw the computer! haha. i dunno if i wanna join them - yet. oh and while we were waiting for our ride, we talked...chicas haha...well reina talked most of the time - anna and i listened.

i'm hooked on Being Eve. it's sooo cute. now that i started watching it, i find out that Adam, played by David Latoure, is not gonna be in the show anymore! he's not gonna be in the second season - except for the first episode of the second season. he's the only reason i started watching the show! well i started liking the concept of the story eventually. he's in an academy in new york now. aww...he leaves right after him and Eve become a couple! don't get me wrong, i like Matt for Eve also...but...hey Adam's such a hottie! and Matt's better off as her bestriend. Eve made a good decision - break up w/ Matt to be w/ Adam *evil grin* (it's better that way...that's how life is - so face it!)...besides, Adam was her crush! - before she got together w/ Matt...oops, i'm going on and on about this show and you don't even know what i'm talking about! here read this: "Being Eve is the highly successful New Zealand show about 15 year old Eve Baxter, her friends, family, and her questions on life. The show has a unique way of storytelling, featuring 'family interviews,' strange fantasies, students talking into lockers and innovative camera work. The story follows Eve as she ponders the questions of life. Why do people want to be famous? Why are people suddenly treated differently for being part of a couple? Why do people succumb to peer pressure? Each episode can be viewed apart, but each fits into the season story arc."
i like 24/7 also. both are on the same channel 298 (if u have Direct TV)...the station is called the NOGGIN or THE-N...check out see.

i rearranged my room! yey all by myself! haha. the whole day i cleaned my room - even this hella dusty n dirty book shelves n it was hot yesterday! but it was all worth it cuz i like my new room. sunday, i saw Blue Crush w/ my friends, it was ok i guess. we brought pizza in the theatre! haha...sshhh...anyway, my friends kept eating the pizza because i wasn't hungry so i didn't want some, but then later on i was craving for the pizza. i was gonna ask for the pizza but then there was the POOP scene in the movie. grossed me out a little, i was really hungry so i asked for the pizza. when i got it, guess what? there was only a half eaten slice of pizza left! i turned to that person - *ahem Anna* she was the last person who had the pizza box. haha, she was eating pizza and she stopped because of the POOP, VOMIT, and other GROSS scenes in movie! hahaha! did u notice i kept mentioning PIZZA? b/c i want some!!!....hehe...oh i can't believe it's already September!!! time passed by so fast! in a way i can't wait to graduate...but i don't want to - yet!- a lot of reasons...haha...i don't like my classes! - i loathe them - except my 1st (i can't stand Physics but hey my friends are in the same class so i'm happy!*winkz*)...and my 2nd which is AP:Lit - why? my friends are in that class also! haha...i like my 3rd and 4th also...they're ok. oh yeah my mom bought me that new Sprint PCS Vision cellphone! yey! i was just kidding around n sorta put a little effort in convincing that it's a hella nice phone - OMG she bought it! haha. that's cool. so we went to Radio Shack, the guy asked how old i was and when he found out i was just 17, his reaction was "you're buying her a $300 phone? wow, can you be my mom too?" hehe...that's sooo funny! whoo hoo...all i need is to buy the attachable camera, and yey i can take pics n send 'em! whoa...anna said i was a spoiled brat....hhhmmm...nahhhh...well i'm still waiting for my camcorder n my new lexus convertible or celica car...hehe...the car is gonna require a lot of work (effort too)! gotta start practicing my cry n pouty lips.*smilez* ahaha...see i ain't a brat...i work to get what i want! hehe

geez! i haven't been jotting down stuff here huh? well a lot has happened, i guess i was just caught up w/ my homework and all. the 23rd was our last day of school. we didn't do anything first period, so JJ, Di, Julie and I kicked it at Mr. Lee's class. he put on "beautiful mind" - we weren't really watching. Di and JJ teased me again!!! when will they ever stop? my left arm is swollen from JJ's punch! that's what she did the whole period - punch and push me! Di - well she was singing her own remix of Dilema - to tease me! very funny *being sarcastic here* then uumm. ...third period JJ went to my class to kick it there. we took a lot of sticky i-zone pics, (she loves those things). then mr. lee sent us out to do an errand for him - which was a little odd b/c he doesn't usually send me out of class to do errands. oh btw - that's my free period.hhhmmm...oh i can't believe Brian! he actually said the full name, now i'm in trouble!!! the guy behind me heard and i'm sure he's gonna tell! *if you don't know what i'm talking about, it's cool! hehe. but my friends know what it is - hehe* i made my mom pick me up early that day cuz i don't like my 5th and 6th - they're boring. here's the funny part, a lot of people had doctor's appointment that day! i overheard one of the staff at the attendance office saying "why are there so many doctors appointment today?" the other girl said "it's b-track's last day that's why" then when my mom picked me up, she told me that one of the faculty member said to her"don't tell me, another doctor's appointment? students had been sending their parents here to pick them up. they'll do anything even make their own parents lie" haha that was sooo funny! oh and guess what? well, like i said, JJ will have her badluck day - it came true. I had my badluck day, Di had hers also, well JJ had hers too! she had ketchup all over her left left! haha, although not alot spilled on her, but still...haha..funny! oh yah the 28th i went to school for my AP meetings. i made keebler go there so that i won't be alone. he left after i found two ppl to talk to. well, those two guys and another guy who came along, made fun of my hella tall shoes! haha, and my socks which has holes in 'em. haha. afterwards, Di, Jules, Erika, and I went to Mayfair to get something to eat. i bought orangina, so did Julie - bad - why? cuz it made us hyper! hahaha...esp Julez! she made a hitting gesture at Erika for no apparent reason - no wait - like i said she was hyper! oh and Di gave me the toy that came w/ her food.(Both Di and Erika bought a kiddie meal)*awwww how sweet! hehe* after that, Di and I went shopping. i found a cute $3 bag! cool huh? well yah i'm cheap! i'm saving money for my camcorder.i really don't have to, i'm just saving my money to let my mom think i don't waste money etc...i'm gonna make her pay for it anyway! hehe. so yeah. um what else? i miss my doggie! he's sooo cute! i have a lot of stories about him that will prove how amazing he is! hhmm, i think i should start a page all about him! oh and Monday, Aug 26, a broken bulb cut me! it's deep i know because up until now it still hurts. i dunno if there's a piece of that bulb that was left in me. dayum it hurts. i went to look for the first aid kit asap.

i was a banana today! ok that was a little oh yeah, teachers think they KNOW everything - well u know what? i think they like to assume! and that's why students get into trouble most of the time. they assume they did something bad. for example, today, 6th period i took a sticky picture of my friend Angie (just for fun), it just happens that the Subtitute was behind her. i took a pic, there was a flash (yup! heads turned...we got the attention - esp the teacher) and next thing i knew he was next to me asking for my camera. so he took it, 2 seconds later, he asked whose camera it is.i claimed it. so he asked me to step outside. hahah, guess what he asked me? "why did u take a picture? lemme ask you again, why did u take a picture of ME while i was talking to the other guy?" hahaha...deep inside i wanted to laugh so hard! i was sorta able to control my laughter - but i had this grin on my face...a smirk...watever...but it was so funny. i told him that i didn't take a picture of him, and that i took a picture of my friend. also, i told him that it was a polariod - if doesn't believe me i could show him the picture as a proof. should've seen the look on his face as he was giving me back my camera!!! i felt like rubbing his mistake to his face, so when i went back to my seat and my friend asked what we talked about, i said it out loud (that he thought i took a pic of him). see that? a perfect example! he should've asked if i took a pic of him or not, instead of assuming i took his pic and busting me for it.

JJ poked a hole on my arm, hehe...well he poked me w/ a pencil. man i was having a bad week. first the letter was lost (don't ask...let's just say that there was something in it that only my friends are allowed to read), and then someone squirted ketchup all over me! yuck! to make it worse, i was wearing a i had ketchup all over my legs. i had to walk like that from the student store to the bathroom! how embarrassing! stupid idiot guy! why me? Di was right next to him when he stepped on the ketchup, how come the ketchup didn't even touch my friend! and it was all over me! - not a nice way of getting my attention! oh and another thing, some guy bumped into me while i was holding my pepsi bottle - so of course the pepsi spilled all over my sandals. can you believe all that happened in just one day? then the next day, my bad day was passed onto Di...heheh...she spilled hot coffee on Mr. Lee's desk! that could've been really funny if the coffee spilled on him. sorry Di if i'm mentioning this. i'm just really bored. so now, haha it's JJ's turn to have her bad day! lol...something like this will happen to her.

why do people see me as a perfect little girl? they think i'm too good to make mistakes or have problems. it only shows how deep they look. they can't see right through me, i can understand why. but they can't base everything from what they see. you can't assume or judge things based on the person's looks. i don't like it when they're expecting something from me, and i hate it when i can't perform the tasks i'm supposed to do. i hate disappointing ppl. how come their eyes are on me when i make mistakes? and why do they make such a big deal out of it? i want to stand up for myself. why? who else can i depend on to defend me from this harsh cruel world, and help me get through this? why do i often feel guilty even though i didn't do anything? i have flaws - and trust me, i always get into trouble because of it. i think the downfall to my character is that i'm too nice - in the end i always get hurt.

"i want to run away, never say goodbye. i wanna know the truth, instead of wondering why. i wanna know the answers, no more lies. i wanna shut the door and open up my mind" - Linkin Park

i went to the taping of Teen Choice Awards and OMG! I COULDN'T BELIEVE IT! NICK CARTER, TOM WELLING, JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE, and TOBEY MAGUIRE! hahaha...i kept staring at them with dreamy eyes when they were on stage! it was too bad i didn't get to see Wade. but it was alright, i was able to see Nick anyway. hehe. geez Di, that was two times in a row! u said you haven't bowled before! you won again! haha. it's not fair for me because one stupid pin was too stubborn to fall! aarr. anyway Friday was fun! Jo and Di kept messing around all of us because they didn't know the way.

yey i finally have my computer back! it was torture not having it for a week! one long boring week! my computer crashed and i lost EVERYTHING!!!my songs,and files! *sniff*...anyway i've been watching Daria now, thank goodness Noggin is showing it because MTV's not showing it anymore - i wonder why - oh and that guy Trent in Daria is cute! hehehe...ok ok i'll be serious now. last friday my friends and i saw Road to Perdition, the first time i fell asleep while watching a movie in a movie theater.i'm not saying that the movie was bad and boring. the story was pretty nice and sad - i won't say anything to ruin the movie. but the beginning was all talk and that's the part where i fell asleep. well i was just half asleep for 10 mins. i woke up when Tom Hanks fired the gun, from then on i kept laughing at my friends. Di kept yawning and she looked funny when she put her hood on (hahahha), Anna kept drinking Icee and looking at her cellphone.she even answered one of the call. hhmm i wonder who she was talking to? hehe. RJ was sleeping (snoring! hehe JK)and Ria - well she enjoyed herself. she was so into the movie. she was the only one who said AWE at this one scene in the movie. it reminded me of when we saw Mr. Deeds, when Di and RJ were the only one laughing in the beginning of the movie! hahaha. after that, we went bowling. Di proclaimed that she was a newbie! can't believe she won. haha.

aaahh i cut my hair! i like it - it's layered and all but the red streaks turned bright red! it looks more pinkish than red! awe man! it stands out too! oh boy i'm gonna be the talk of the day - i hope not! hehe look like a cartoon character! all i need is the right costume *smile*.

hey Anna, wait 'til we go bowling again! i won't have these fake nails(that kept me from winning - hehe) anymore! i might win next time. i can't wait. so what other sports do you want to compete in? jk. i'm going to keep mentioning my dvd! i want it back! i want it back! someone borrowed it and didn't return it yet. the person you lend your stuff to shouldn't lend it to someone else without the owner's permission! look what happened!!! geez people - you should know that. you are entitled to have that responsibility. i'm gonna be really picky of the people i'll be lending my stuff to. tsk tsk.