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SkaTe TipS


Tricks that I will cover

How to ollie:

1. Get a board

2. Place your left foot in the middle of the board and your right foot on the tail of the board. If you're goofy footed, it's vice versa.

3. Crouch down. 4. Simultaneously, Push off your legs REALLY hard while popping the tail against the ground REALLY hard while sliding your foot up the board.

5. When you did all of that, INSTANTLY suck up your legs to your chest. If you did that stuff right, the board should have come up with your feet while sucking up your legs.

6. When you feel the board dropping off of your feet, land on top of the board on the ground. Try to land your feet over the bolts of the truck to prevent breakage.

7. Crouch to absorb impact.

8. Practice until you land 3 in a row.

How to heelflip

before you learn this, learn to ollie

1. Put your feet in an ollie position.

2. Move the front foot so that the toes dangle off the edge of the board a little.

3. Crouch down like you would an ollie.

4. Jump, slide your front foot up, and pop the tail at the same time, only slide your foot beyond the nose of the board and to the right of the nose (to the left of the nose if you're goofy).

5. If the board twists, suck up your feet and wait in mid-air until you see the grip tape of the board come back over.

6. Place your feet down on the top of the board and land crouching to absorb impact.

7. Practice more!

How to do a 50-50 Grind:

before trying this, learn to ollie!

1. Roll towards the rail in an ollie position.

2. When you come close to the rail, ollie a little higher than the rail and stomp the trucks of the board down on the rail; if you did this right, you are now grinding.

3. When you feel you have to get off the rail, pivot off by pulling your front foot up and then to the side. This will take the board right off the rail.

4. Land while staying on the board.

5. Try grinding longer!!

How to Rock 'n' Roll

Tricks to learn before trying: kickturn

1. Roll up the quarterpipe of halfpipe or whatever at a decent speed (A speed you're comfortable with that will get your board up to the coping).

2. When your front wheels get to the coping (the rail part of the transition), lift them up before they hit each other.

3. Balance the board along with your self on the coping. Your back wheels should be off of the ground. 4. Shift your weight back over to the transition (the curve part of the HP or QP) and lift your front wheels.

5. When your front wheels are over the coping, put them back down on the transition and ride off.

How to do a front side grind (for regular footed people):

Tricks to learn before trying: Kickturn, 50-50 Grind, Axle Stall (which I don't cover)

Like the 50-50 grind, the frontside grind involves placing both your trucks on a rail. But frontside grinds are grinding on the coping of a HP or QP.

1. Get some speed!

2. Either come at the transition at a sharp angle or turn your board when you get on the transition at a sharp angle.

3. Lift your front wheels as you would a kickturn only keep your board facing straight up and keep it rolling until the back truck gets on the coping.

4. When the back truck gets on the coping, balance yourself vertically parallel (as if you were trying to stand on the coping). If you did this right, your trucks should be consistent with the coping in order place your front truck on the coping with your back truck.

5. If you came at an angle like I told you, you should be grinding.

6. Like an axle stall, throw your weight forward and take your front truck off of the coping and put it perpendicular to the coping and transition. Your back wheels should follow the rest of your board and come right off of the pipe.

7. This takes practice, so practice more!

How to boardslide

*A backside boardslide means that you'll face forward when your sliding on the board

Learn the ollie before you try this move

1. Come at the rail at a slight angle, at any comfortable speed.

2. Ollie at the rail, turning your board sideways and aiming the middle of the board at the rail.

2+1/2. This takes the most practice!! Once you get on the rail make sure that you are CENTERED on the board staring at the end of the rail.

3. Slide with the board until the end of the rail.

4. At the end of the rail, turn the board straight just before you leave the rail. (If you didn't get enough speed, your board will probably flip off)

How to backside 180 ollie

learn to ollie first

1. Get some momentum on the board.

2. Simultaneously ollie and twist your hips counter-clockwise, but stay centered on the board. The board should twist if you did it right.

3. Turn fakie and land above the truck bolts.

4. Congradulate yourself and keep skating!

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