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Shared experiences of owning English Cocker Spaniels.  With information, pictures, streaming home videos and breeder lists.

Cocker Spaniel Central - the centre for English Cocker Spaniel facts

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This web site was originally setup to document our experiences of owning and raising English Cocker Spaniels. Originally built in 2001 as a means of playing with website design it became neglected from 2004 onwards following house moves, children and the usual other distractions.

Unfortunately Cassie passed away in her sleep in June of 2011 following a short illness. She was loving to the end and is greatly missed, but we'll always have our memories of her.

Although now hugely out of date, if you have found your way to this site I hope you find it of interest, particularly if you are considering
owning a Cocker Spaniel.   

Cassie our dark blue roan English Cocker SpanielTara our light blue roan English Cocker Spaniel

Consima Mystical Sapphire (Cassie) 

15/09/2000 to 11/06/2011

Powerscourt Prussian Blue (Tara) 

born 25/10/2001


Cocker Spaniels (or English Cocker Spaniels if you're in the USA) make fantastic family pets, with a happy, loving character that make them a delight to own.  If you are considering a Cocker Spaniel, use the quick links 'Am I cocker compatible' to check your lifestyle against the breed.  Check out the health issues and ensure you locate a reputable breeder (it's worth it in the long run).

I'd also like to introduce Brambles, our new addition to the family. Having grown up with Labradors and now having a bigger home with more space we always planned to get a puppy at the end of 2011. Unfortunately Cassie never got to meet Brambles but I'm sure if she had she would have been a great mother (or perhaps grandmother) to her.

I suppose now I'll have to rename the website 'Gundog Central'?.

I hope you enjoy the site and find it of some use. Please feel free to sign our guestbook (at the top right of this page), or send a picture of your loved one, which I'll add to Cassie and Tara's friends photo gallery. 


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