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Old Oak Common Open Day - 5.8.00

On a blazing hot day, EWS held an excellent Open Day at Old Oak Common, in North West London. It truely was one of the All Time Greats, with both the first and last built EWS Class 66s on show, the handover of D6700 to the National Railway Museum, 67002, newly named "Special Delivery", and repainted BR Blue locos 56004, 56006, 37308. 37906 was on show in the original grey and yellow Railfreight livery, as was 31108. 20227 made an appearance in Metropolitan maroon, and 47004 reappeared as D1524 in pristine BR green. 60081 had been repainted into a mock Great Western Railway green colour scheme and had been named "Isambard Kingdom Brunel" for the event. 47306 "The Sapper" was gleaming in European Freight grey, and two generations of streamlined passenger locos were on show in the form of one of the prototype HST power cars, 41001, together with one of Virgin's brand new Pendolino power cars. Two unusual exhibits were C231, an Irish loco, and a London Underground battery locomotive. A full list of exhibits appears below.

"Slug 6" is transformed with a fresh coat of original Railfreight paint.

67002 "Special Delivery" was very popular. Not long after, it was the first Class 67 involved in an accident.

56006 was repainted in Rail Blue from Loadhaul, especially to match 56004 for this event.

Below is a list of the exhibits seen at the Open Day. Some of the locos were withdrawn, while others were immaculately turned out.

01506 in Ministry of Defence Black
08482 in Dark Grey
08541 in Departmental Grey
08694 named "Pat Barr" in EWS Red
D9555 Class 14 in BR Green D8568 Class 17 in BR Green
D8000 (20050) in BR Green
20227 "Traction" in a strange Metropolitan Railways Maroon
5580 Class 31 in BR Blue
31108 in Railfreight Grey
31110 in BR Green
31113 in Civil Engineer's Grey
31233 in Civil Engineer's Grey
31465 in Regional Railways Blue
D6536 Class 33 "Hertfordshire Railtours" in BR Blue
33021 in Post Office Red
33202 "The Burma Star" in Departmental Grey
33205 covered in graffiti in Railfreight Distribution Grey
D7029 Class 35 in very scruffy BR Green
D7076 Class 35 in BR Green
D6700 named "National Railway Museum" Class 37 in BR Green
37023 "Stratford" in Mainline Blue
37098 in Civil Engineers Grey
37194 "British International Freight Association" in Mainline Grey
37227 in Mainline Grey
37308 in BR Blue
37602 in European Passenger Services Grey
37719 in Railfreight Petroleum Grey
37802 in Mainline Grey
37906 in Railfreight Grey
D200 Class 40 in BR Green
D345 Class 40 in BR Green
41001 HST Power Car Prototype in Grey and Blue
D821 "Greyhound" Class 42 in BR Green
832 "Onslaught" Class 42 in BR Blue
D172 "Ixion" Class 46 in BR Green
D1524 Class 47 in BR Green
47114 "Freightlinerbulk" in BR Green
47306 "The Sapper" in European Railfreight Grey
47492 in Rail Express Systems Red
47535 after a graffiti attack, in Rail Express Systems Red
47721 "Saint Bede" in Rail Express Systems Red
47750 "Atlas" in Virgin Red
47798 "Prince William" in Royal Train Purple
47799 "Prince Henry" in Royal Train Purple
47843 "Vulcan" in Virgin Red
47846 "Thor" in First Great Western Green
50002 "Superb" in Network SouthEast Pale Blue
50007 "Sir Edward Elgar" in an interesting shade of Green
50031 "Hood" in Large Logo Blue
50035 "Ark Royal" in Large Logo Blue
50050 "Fearless" in Large Logo Blue
50149 "Defiance" in Railfreight General Grey
D1015 "Western Champion" in Golden Ochre
D1023 "Western Fusilier" in BR Blue
D9000 Class 55 in BR Green
56004 in BR Blue
56006 in BR Blue
56102 in Loadhaul Black and Orange
58021 "Hither Green Depot" in Mainline Blue
58050 "Toton Traction Depot" in EWS Red
59002 "Alan J Day" in Mendip Rail Green and Orange
59005 "Kenneth J Painter" in Foster Yeoman Blue and Silver
59103 "Village of Mells" in Hanson Blue and Silver
59205 "L Keith McNair" in EWS Red
60008 "Gypsum Queen II" in Loadhaul Black and Orange
60016 "Rail Magazine" in EWS Red
60042 "Hundred of Hoo" in EWS Red
60081 newly named "Isambard Kingdom Brunel" in a lovely approximation of Great Western Green
66001 in EWS Red
66250 in EWS Red
67002 "Special Delivery" in EWS Red
73129 "City of Winchester" in shabby Network SouthEast Blue
73133 "The Bluebell Railway" in Mainline Blue
E3035 Class 83 in Electric Blue
90031 "The Railway Children Partnership Working for Children Worldwide" in EWS Red
92035 "Mendelssohn" in Raifreight Grey
3440 "City of Truro" in Great Western Green
9466 GWR Pannier tank in GWR Green
12 "Sarah Siddons" in Metropolitan Maroon
L25 London Underground loco in Yellow
C231 Irish Railway loco in Green
165109 in Network South East Blue
An un-numbered Pendolino power car