a lil bout muhself

NAME: tis classified coz i dont want any fo0lishes i dont know knowin my name

THINGS I ENJOY DOIN: talkin to my buddies, talking about jesus, sleepin, chattin, hob nobbing with my posse, and lotsa other things too

MY FAVORITE BANDS: third eye blind, 311, linkin park, incubus, weezer, fiona apple(she prolly doesnt qualify as a band but i dont care) and more

MY FAVE WEBSITES: check out the main page, i have so many i dedicated a whole section of my site to em

MY E-MAIL/AIM SN: my e-mail can be found on he homepage, so just look there, and my aim sn is crazygreenlime among others

MY FAVORITE TV SHOWS: martha stewart living, undressed, full house, just shoot me, and of course...spyder games

WHATS IN MY CD PLAYER RIGHT NOW: fiona apple-tidal, 311-grassroots and transistor, linkin park-hybrid theory, incubus-make yourself

MY FAVORITE 311 SONGS(one from each album): freak out, lucky, jackolanterns weather, jupiter, mindspin, uncalm...oh and tribute

SHOUTOUTS: i know its unproffesional to do this, so ill just mention a few people that i wanna say hi to: liz, shelby, stew, lora, alex, sam, darren, maranda, vicky, ashley, gina, blake, nats, rittana, xan, and all the other people i forgot to mention, you guys rock!